Friday, August 21, 2015

Evolution - a finished quilt

Have you ever had the feeling while making a quilt that you were running a marathon? I did. And guess what, this week I crossed the finish line. I finished a quilt that I started in February 2014. But the whole process has been a truly enjoyable experience. I only worked on when when the mood struck, and I guess it was well worth the effort. And since for me this quilt was evolving right before my eyes, I named it the Evolution quilt.

(WARNING: Lots of photos ahead!)

This is by far the most modern quilt I ever made. It's made up entirely of Kona Cotton Scraps and started on a whim on a cold February night.

Then came this:

And then this, all done in February 2014:

Two month later in April I did the next addition:

And then there was the move to another county, different projects, lack of inspiration, yadda, yadda, yadda... no work on this for over a year. But during this summer I felt like working on it again. I finished the top last month.

Last Wednesday, I was sewing the final stitches on the binding.

And yesterday I gave it away. I have a very dear colleague who is pursuing greener pastures and she had her goodbye party yesterday. I will miss her very, very much. She played a big part in making me feel welcome in my new office at the beginning of this year. Here she is with her new quilt:

I'm glad this very special quilt found a home with a very special person! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Wow! what a beautiful quilt! love the ikea backing.

  2. I love the energy of your quilt.

  3. Congratulations ! Your quilt is really interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Sophie, Jane Austen's fan too ;-)

  4. Hi Kerstin! This is so amazing quilt! I haven't done anything modern like this and would love to. Have to start collect solids. This is so beautiful and colourful and happy and there is much to see/find. Super! x Teje