Sunday, July 12, 2015

Meet Beatrix!

I think Beatrix and I will be BFFs. We were not off to a good start, be over the course of this weekend we got along better and better.

To be honest, it was entirely my fault we did not hit it off immediately. If you attempt to get to know Beatrix as well, I recommend to check your printer settings and print at 100% if you use A4 paper...

So my muslin was way to tight, even thought I had checked my measurements first. This was all yesterday, and this morning I started fresh and printed again. It was maybe a bit risky to use the good fabric without making another muslin, but at this point, I wanted results fast.

It ended up a bit too big, but this was easily remedied by taking off some inches on the sides. I guess I had more luck than sense here...

I love the buttons on the back, such a nice detail.

I think this will be only the first of many, many Beatrix tops in my closet. I guess they'll fit right in with all that Washi dresses...

pattern: Beatrix sewing pattern by Made by Rae
fabric: Field Study by Anna Maria Horner


  1. Schick, schick!! Gefällt mir sehr gut!

  2. so cute! this has been on my "to sew" list, glad to know the pattern is a win!

  3. Very very cool! Well done! I haven't sewn any garments for a long long time (too addicted to quilting now!), but this looks like something I could attempt!