Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I finished a quilt! How did that happen, I can hardly believe it myself! Sewing time has been scarce lately, I somehow managed again to totally trash my sewing room, I royally screwed up while trying to sew a dress, and all that hasn't help with the mojo. But my mother-in-law ordered a quilt for her guest room, so I had to get my act togehter.

She gave me free reign over what to make, and after debating for a while I came up with this:

I used the great pattern by Latifah Saafir from Craftsy. Well written, easy to follow. The only thing I did wrong was that I forgot to change the printer settings. So what should have been a 12 inch clamshell turned out to be only 10 inches. Needless to say, it was too small for a single bed and I had to add the white border. I like how it turned out anyway.

I raided my Denyse Schmidt stash for this quilt. Mainly it's from the first DS quilts collection for Joann's, togehter with some Flea Market Fancy. I just added a white and pink polka dots fabric from my stash.

It's quilted with Aurifil 2415 in 40 wt. That's a light pink that matches nicely. For the quilting, I just echoed the clamshells. The border is quilted in arches.

And look at that, I even made round corners! I thought that fits nicely with the overall curves theme of the quilt...

For now, it lives on our guest bed until my mother-in-law comes visiting in a few weeks. Here's hoping she'll like it!


  1. Oh wow! I didn't really comprehend the size of the clamshells until I saw it on the bed - what a cool quilt! I love it with that scale!

  2. I like it a lot and you mother in law will love it. I like the white border it makes the clamshells stand out and the quilting is perfect!