Monday, March 24, 2014

11/2014: Cover it up!

Two post in a day? Yes, I just finished the sewing machine cover for my swap partner and I'm so excited I have to show you immediately. Plus, I'll be busy celebrating my birthday tomorrow, so no time for blogging then...

It turned out well. I was a bit afraid about not getting the size right, but my partner's sewing machine has roughly the same measurements, so hopefully it'll work on her machine, too.

This thing sort of evolved while sewing, I started with the spool blocks and improvised from there.

I had quite a few scraps from this quilt, so I did not have to cut too much low volume prints up.

So here you go, partner, I hope you'll like the goodies from me!


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10/2014: Swappen 4

Happy Monday. In between shuttling my kids around in the morning and work I thought I use the five minutes of quiet I have to show you what I've been working on over the weekend.

I always try to take part in every round of Swappen, which is a German speaking swap on flickr, hosted by the lovely Aylin. We already made pillows and bags, and this time, it's a sewing room themed swap. I somehow could not motivate myself so much this time, but last week I thought it's now or never. And now I can't seem to stop, therefore my partner will get two items. Number one is already finished:

I made a travel sewing kit, much like this one. Only this time I used selvedges for the outside panel, and the inside is a bit more sophisticated as well. I mean, there's a zipper and all...

But since my partner said she would really like to receive a sewing machine cover, she'll get one. Made out of spool blocks and low volume fabrics. I know she likes it colorful, so I'm quite confident she'll like this.

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Monday, March 17, 2014


I'm very fortunate to have great bee friends who make wonderful blocks for me. This is how this quilt top came about:

I don't know if you have a quilt bucket list. I do, and over the last years I was able to slowly cross the items off. There are still some untackled ones (Lone Star quilt, anyone?), but thanks to my friends from the Bee Germany and the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild Bee, I will be able to cross the Wheel of Fortune quilt off my bucket list.
This block is what I wished for last year, but somehow the San Diego Blocks took a bit longer to cross the ocean. But last week I had the package in my mail box as a total surprise. Don't you love to come home to such mail?

And even though there are a few things I really, really should have sewn first, I could not resist and had to piece this top together over the weekend. The only problem is that I really have no clue what kind of fabric to use for the back. With a print? A solid? What color? Any ideas?

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Friday, March 14, 2014

09/2014: Make it a double!

It's spring! And this blog is coming out of hibernation, yay! We've had the most amazing weather this past week, and I was busy spring cleaning, working, even sewing a bit. As soon as the sun came out, I had to make a skirt. I'm more of a dress than a skirt person, so this was unusual for me. But I had some of the Field Study feather fabric by Anna Maria Horner in my stash, and somehow I did not see this as a dress.

So I ventured into unkown sewing territory...

This is the result. A double layered skirt for spring. The blue layer underneath is a light voile I got ages ago at Beverly's (a local fabric store in San Diego). It's quite a full skirt. I got the pattern from one of my Japanese sewing books (since I can't read Japanese, I'm unable to tell you the title, sorry!).

I even went all fancy and did some French seams!

I hope everyone will have a little sun this weekend!

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