Friday, November 28, 2014

23/2014: The Kerstin Medallion quilt

I just realized that I haven't blogged in more than three weeks. And that my last finish dates back to the beginning of October. Oops... I haven't really sewn that much lately, thanks to the French class I am taking (3 hours every day plus homework...).

Anyway, the one finish I did make in these past two month can - without a doubt - be called the highlight of my quilting year. It all started out innocent enough. I had ordered some Botanics fabric  by Carolyn Friedlander from my friend Susanne and made a Mariner's Compass with it. That was back in April. And I could not shake off the idea of a Medallion quilt. So I ordered a fat quarter bundle of Botanics from some dubious website from Hong Kong, and some three month later the fabric arrived (I had given up hopes by then). So round and round I went and added border for border. Seven month later, I had a quilt...

It's pretty huge, 2.50 meters by 2.50 meters. I did not intend to keep it a square, I thought I make it into a quilt for a single bed. But luckily, Andrea talked me into it. Thanks, my friend! 

The back is a mixture of IKEA and Botanics. I wanted to go all Botanics at first but did not have enough yardage left.

I was a bit afraid of the quilting first since I had never done such a large quilt before, but it was no problem at all on my Janome.

The quilt now lives on my bed, and I am super happy with it. And guess what, even my husband liked it!

Wishing everyone a nice weekend. And for those of you in the US, hope you did not overspent today...

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  1. That is a great quilt. I love Botanics too. Visiting via TGIFF.

  2. Yeah! Der ist wunderschön (quadratisch) geworden und passt ganz hervorragend auf dein Bett. Freu mich, das du ihn fertig bekommen hast :-)

  3. Beautiful quilt! I lived outside of Stuttgart for three years many years ago. I loved it!

  4. Nice finish! I often find medallion quilts too busy but this is really beautiful, well done ^_^

  5. Congrats! This is a stunning finish :)