Saturday, October 25, 2014


What I should be doing: cleaning the bathroom. What I'm doing instead: sewing.

We are hanging out at home this gloomy Saturday morning. I added another border to my medallion quilt yesterday evening, and I could not resist the opportunity to play around some more with it. I ran out of the print I use as background yesterday, so there is not really a chance to add anything before next weekend when I'll get some more. But I'm a bit undecided anyway how to proceed.

So here's where I'm at right now:

My plan is to add another border of the background fabric all around. Then it should be wide enough for a single bed. I want to use this quilt for our guest bed, so I'll have to make it longer, i.e. it won't stay a square. My idea for the next row was either HSTs or cross stitch blocks. 

Option A:

Option B:

Right now, I gravitate towards option A, but any suggestions/comments are highly welcome!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Yes, I like the A version too, just something about the prominence of the cross blocks, with the smaller HSTs rounding it all off, to me anyway. Looks really cool, great work! (And I hope some sunshine comes your way soon!)

  2. Hi Kerstin! This looks very beautiful! I like the A version, so that the half squares are outside. Teje

  3. So schön schon! Ich würde unbedingt Variante A nehmen :-) Die Stoffe sind schon geschnitten und in der Tüte - nächste Woche sehen wir uns!!

  4. I like "A" as well. The cross stitch blocks look very good next to the diamonds, creating some visual "heft".

  5. Hi, my favorite version would be Nr. A.
    This quilt is going very nice.
    Hugs Olga