Saturday, August 16, 2014

Checking in...

Hi there, I've been enjoying some internet-free time in the last two weeks. Not voluntarily though, we still don't have internet in our new place. I'm in my parent's place this weekend and jumped at the chance to post.
But we moved! Yay! I am totally spoiled now and I will never be able to move without a professional moving company again. Those guys were worth every cent.

I got rid of a lot of things from my sewing room and gave all my scraps to Monika. Yes, ALL of them.

Together as a family, we have quite a lot of shoes (okay, most of them are mine).

And yes, that whole truck was full to the brim.

But now we are happily settled into our new apartment. Let's see how our new city turns out to be, because we'll be there for a while. Which city, you ask? I give you a hint...


  1. Hi Kerstin! I'm happy to see that you are 'in' and chose to make the moving with the professionals. We are also just 'in' our new home and it looks more or less like in your photos. We sold our House but couldn't find good enough House at the moment so now we are temperaly here and hope to find soon better House. I guess then we take moving company to help. I hope we both get our sewing rooms in order to start some fun work. x Teje

  2. Hope your new home turns out exactly as you want it. It will be a fresh start at sewing with all the scraps gone :)

  3. Alles Gute in deiner neuen Umgebung und eine schnelle Eingewöhnung und vor allem wünsche ich dir bald viele nette neue Bekannte in der neuen Stadt.

  4. Sind das jetzt Berge und schweizer Fahnen? Oder habe ich mich verguckt. Alles Gute jedenfalls.

    1. Ach, so. Steht jetzt ja auch schon im Profil. Genf. 😉

    2. Die FrageZeichen waren ein Smilie...

  5. All the best to your family's new beginning! I have no clue where you moved to from looking at that photo. Are you still in Switzerland?