Friday, June 20, 2014

16/2014: Lone star, but not so very lonely

I learned a little lesson this week: You can actually finish a quilt in a week when you only work on this one project and don't try to juggle several things at the same time. Okay, that's not really something new to me, but I so rarely live by that...

However, since my colleague will go on maternity leave in two weeks, I had to bust a move. I started the top a week ago and finished it on Wednesday. Yesterday evening was spent basting, and this morning quilting and binding.

A lone star quilt has long been on my to do list, but I wanted to make it a bit more modern. So instead of the one single star in the middle of the quilt, I went with two bigger half stars and two small complete ones.

The fabric is all from my Denyse Schmidt stash, mainly Hope Valley and Florence. The neutral is Kona Cotton snow.

The binding is a first for me, same color as the solid fabric.

Here's a shot from the back, it's quite densely quilted. As backing fabric, I used Kona Cotton Peacock.

It is a bit smaller than crib size, but since the baby will sleep in a sleep sack anyway, it could also be used in the stroller. Hope mommy and baby boy (due in the middle of August) will like it!

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  1. The star quilt is just amazing!!! And to finish it in only one week is absolutely gorgeous. I am sure your collegue will love it. I also have to go for this star quilt. I even have the fabrics for it...

  2. Wow, beautiful! I really like the border around the big half star.

  3. It looks awesome, I love the half stars and that the two small stars are not aligned.

  4. It a great layout... Really striking :)

  5. This is gorgeous! I love that you added a couple of complete stars, the layout is just so creative and fresh. Very nice finish! :-)

  6. Love the composition! And such a speedy finish, great job!!



  7. Awesome layout.Great finish!!

  8. Gorgeous quilt! See my reply to your message on my blog. We are going to be neighbours! Good Facebook group if you need to pick up stuff when you arrive (FOR SALE, FREE or WANTED in Vaud/Geneva) -- lots of expats leaving the area at this time of year. xx JJ