Friday, March 14, 2014

09/2014: Make it a double!

It's spring! And this blog is coming out of hibernation, yay! We've had the most amazing weather this past week, and I was busy spring cleaning, working, even sewing a bit. As soon as the sun came out, I had to make a skirt. I'm more of a dress than a skirt person, so this was unusual for me. But I had some of the Field Study feather fabric by Anna Maria Horner in my stash, and somehow I did not see this as a dress.

So I ventured into unkown sewing territory...

This is the result. A double layered skirt for spring. The blue layer underneath is a light voile I got ages ago at Beverly's (a local fabric store in San Diego). It's quite a full skirt. I got the pattern from one of my Japanese sewing books (since I can't read Japanese, I'm unable to tell you the title, sorry!).

I even went all fancy and did some French seams!

I hope everyone will have a little sun this weekend!

I'm linking up with Kim for SEWjo Saturday!


  1. Wow, toll! Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß mit Deinem neuen, "federleichten" :-) Rock!

  2. Sehr schick! Ich bin eher Rock als Kleid, habe aber noch nie einen für mich genäht. Und dann auch noch blau. Hach!

  3. Beautiful skirt! I need to add trying some fancy French seams to something soon! I am waiting for Spring Break ( or some sign of Spring) to start sewing skirts with Katy. Thank you for linking up!!!

  4. Oh I love this fabric, and it makes a lovely skirt!!

  5. cute! I am having a hard time thinking of it being springtime since the snow keeps showing up but this certainly helps.