Sunday, January 19, 2014

On my design wall right now

I know that it's now a common thing, but who says you can only show your work in progress on a Wednesday? I was looking at my design wall this morning and thought I want to share it with the world.

On the left, we have the low volume plus quilt. I'm waiting for the rest of my bee blocks and then I can't wait to finish this baby, I'm so excited about it!

In the upper right corner is what I dubbed the Swiss quilt since it reminds me of the Swiss flag. It'll be only red and white and is intended as a present.

In the middle of the right side we have a long, long, long term project. I decided to sew may way through this little book with Oakshott fabric.

And last but not least, x and plus blocks in Comma fabric. Another present.

There you have it. Now I just have to decide what to work on first...


  1. The low volume plus quilt blocks are soo gorgeous!! Lovely projects!

  2. Tolle Sachen. Geschenke zuerst oder?

  3. Spannend spannend :) meine Bee-Blöcke habe ich heute morgen in die Post gebracht.

  4. Tolle Projekte!
    vor allem der Low Volume Plus Quilt, den find ich so schön :)
    LG Judith