Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fresh sewing day!

Only 24 more days until Christmas! This makes me 1. giddy, 2. panicky. The first because I really like this holiday and my house is already decked out (okay, we are still missing a tree, but in Germany you don't put that one up until Christmas Eve), and the second because I haven't shopped for or made any presents yet. So I guess the next 24 days will be filled doing just that. I have a quilt for my oldest on the list, some pouches for my work colleagues, ...

But I'm getting ahead of myself since this post is intended to actually show what I made in November.

 I made a selvedge pouch for myself, added a little something to Ursi's starter block for the friends with additions bee, made my youngest some koala pants, finished a really sunny bench cushion, made myself another Super Tote and ten more blocks for my Granny Square quilt.

Not as much as I would have liked, but I had the chance to hang out with my favorite sewing buddies, and that alone makes November a highlight sewing-wise.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The 20 minutes sweatpants

My younger son loves sweatpants. A lot. Yesterday, we had a little wardrobe crisis, since all his pairs were in the washing. So he demanded asked real nicely that I make him some. Indulging parent that I am, I took a pair of his pants, traced them directly onto some cotton jersey, cut and sewed. Added some elastic to the mix and 20 minutes later, we had this:

Perfect for lounging around, playing, jumping on the couch...

I had a hard time keeping him from wearing it to pre-school today. But tomorrow he has gym class, so I guess nothing will stop him then...

Cotton jersey by Hilco

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Friday, November 22, 2013

A spot on the sunny side

Back in April, I started a hexagon pillow as a birthday present for a friend. Her birthday is at the end of August. Manageable, right? Yeah, well, she got it in November. But she is a very kind person and wasn't too upset about it. And I dare say it's just the right thing to cheer up a gray November day!

According to her 7 year old daughter, who had a lot of fun counting, I used 132 hexagons for this pillow. That somehow does not seem like such a high number, does it?

Here it is in action:

I'm just glad she liked it, and for her next birthday, I hope I will finish the present in time...

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Block to bag

I've been holding out on you. Besides the 10 more blocks for my granny square quilt, I managed to make another thing this past weekend.

Remember this block? It was intended to be my starter block for a travelling quilt bee, but then I thought it was a bit too busy.

It's not a block anymore, it's now a Super Tote!

I paired it with black linen and some more Comma fabric, and I have to say I love the end result. And the best part: I will keep this one for myself!

The other side has a zippered compartment.

And here's a peek inside:

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fun with Friends in Frankfurt

What a great weekend this was! We had the second meeting of the Bee Germany, this time in Frankfurt. So much fun!

There was a lot of sewing:

Great works in progress:

Lots of healthy snacks and drinks:

And I got 10 more blocks done for my quilt!

Really, is there any better way to spend a weekend?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So, I'm part of a group that does an Advent calender. Everyone makes 24 little things (24 exact same things!), then we all send it off to Steffi, and she mixes it up and sends an Adent calender back. Sounds like fun, right? But let me tell you, to get there, it is tedious! I was sewing a lot this past weekend, and just for this! I managed to finish yesterday morning, and I don't think I've ever been happier to finish a project! My day is December 12th, so 23 people all over Germany will get one of these:

 But right now they are sitting in their box and will be shipped off later today. And I get to take a deep cleansing breath...