Friday, May 31, 2013

One for the boy!

Happy Friday! Last Wednesday, I searched for the sun. And guess what, I haven't found it yet. Instead, I decided it's all about attitute. So if it rains in your part of the world as well, try this!
Quilt-wise, I have another finish to share today! The chevron quilt I made for my yet-to-be-born nephew is done! Unbelievable, I finished a quilt before the baby arrived, normally I'm a few month late...

Normally, when I make a baby quilt, I go for bright colors. But my brother's girlfriend asked me to make a garland for their first boy's room, like the one I made for my boys. The fabrics she choose from my stash were very muted, lots of blues and greys. They live by the lake in Zurich and I think she wanted to go for a nautical theme in the room. So when I made this quilt, I wanted to match the bunting and used the same fabrics. I just added the green tones to make it a bit more interesting. The darkest colors are Kona Charcoal and Kona Navy, the rest of the solids comes from a Kona Poseidon Bundle (leftovers from this quilt). I added a few small scale prints as well.

Here's the back:

In case you are wondering about the dark spots, that would be from the rain...
Kona Turquoise and Kona Grey paired with some leftover HSTs from the front. It's bound in Kona Navy and measures about 60 x 42 inches.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday: In search of... the sun!

This blog post is brought to you by rain. Because there's been plenty of it. So much, that the only thing one can do is sit at home in front of the sewing machine.

Here's what I've been working on the past couple of days. I finished a quilt top and the back, now it only needs batting, basting, quilting and binding (hope to get that done by Friday). We are waiting for the arrival of our newest nephew any day now. If I finish this quilt before he's born, that would actually be a first for me, usually babies are at least a few weeks old before I get their quilts done...

Here's the front:

And here's the back:

I'm also currently making another Super Tote, this one's for my Mom:

I picked up that flower print at IKEA and realized at home that it goes well together with PB & J by BasicGrey. I had one of those Candy Packs of that line and it was just enough to make a patchwork outside pocket. The Nicey Jane fabric on the side will be the lining.

And since the sun is making itself really, really scarce around here, I decided I'll bring some to my closet:

It just needs a finished neckline and hem and I'm good to go.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trip around the Ocean

Happy Friday! Another week gone, this one with not much sewing for me. My boys were on vacation from pre-school, so we did a lot of activities together (think of dinosaur skeletons, lots of time on the playground, potting plants,...). We had a good time, even though the weather feels more like October than June!

I did get one quilt done, however. I really, really wanted to get this finished in time for Blogger's Quilt Festival, and yesterday evening around 11.15 pm I finally succeeded (even though I was too late to actually enter it in the competition, but whatever!).

I started this baby quite a while ago, even before the whole "scrappy trip around the world" hype. But as usual, other stuff came in between and it hung there on my design wall. Until I could not take it any longer and finally got on with it. It's pretty big, around 82 by 82 inches, and it now lives on our bed. My husband could not believe it when he saw it, it only took two years to make a new quilt for our bed (when we moved to our current place, we bought a bigger bed and the old quilt did not fit anymore).

And I never thought I'll show a photo of my bed to everyone out there, but here goes:

I made this quilt with a Kona Cotton Poseidon fat quarter bundle. The square are 3 inches, that was the best way to cut the fat quarters to get the most squares out of them and have the least scraps.

I have to admit it's a bit intense after almost two years of looking at plain white sheets, but I absolutely love it. For the backing, I went to my go-to shirt factory and was able to pick up some striped shirting that fit perfectly:

Have a nice weekend,

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super Tote Tuesday

I made two Super Totes a few weeks ago and never got around to blog about them, but I'm sneaking in the time now while my kids are napping...

I participated in a German speaking swap on flickr (by the way, do you hate the new flickr look as much as I do?), and we were making totes for your partners. I knew my partner liked linen and after a lot of thinking I came up with some ideas. And then Anna from Noodlehead released her Super Tote pattern. And I just knew that was it. I bought it like an hour after it came out and let me tell you: it's absolutely worth every penny. I just love it!

I had this fabric with the leafs for a while, it's a home dec weight. From the print I got the idea to make some appliques, which was a bit a pain in the butt, but well worth in the end. The thing I did not like about this bag is the stabilizer I used. Since I could not get the Pellon SF 101, I  bought Vlieseline S 320. It's pretty stiff, and I did not like to work with it. I guess it would be great for some fabric baskets or so, but for bags, not so much. Don't get me wrong, it still worked fine, but it will be the last time I used it with this pattern.

Here's the inside:

The green leafy fabric is a remnant I had picked up at Joann's ages ago. Unfortunately, I did not have enough for the whole lining, so I paired it with some Nicey Jane fabric from my stash. I think my partner liked it (at least she told me so!).

Since I like this pattern so much, I had to make another one.

 This one is made with some purple Echino Decoro that I bought in Japan as a remnant (I payed about 6 bucks for a meter!) and linen. The piping is made by moi with a shoelace and some Kona Cotton in Peacock. That was easier than I thought, why did I not make this before...? As stabilizer, I used Vlieseline H 630 this time, and that worked much better! Thanks for the tip, Aylin!

Here's the inside:

I had this striped fabric in my stash, it's actually a shirting (although I can't imagine wearing a shirt like that!). I used normal fusible interfacing with it (the kind you use for collars or so), and that worked pretty well. I love this bag and carry it around every day since. And should I tell you something very, very embarrassing? This was intended as mother's day gift for my Mom, but I loved it so much that I could not part with it. Mom got some flowers instead... . But don't worry, I'm not such a bad daughter after all, I'm already working on another Super Tote for her!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I don't really know why, but Blogger's Quilt Festival always sneaks up on me! I have it on my radar a few weeks before, and I make big plans for the quilt I want to show. Yeah, that somehow never works. For example, a year ago I wanted to show my Little Folks string quilt. And it's now halfway done. Maybe next year then? For this festival, I wanted to show my Trip around the Ocean quilt. The top's done and the back is pieced together, but that's all I managed last week.

So instead, I decided to show you the favorite of all the quilts I made so far. It's my Ocatagonal Rainbow Quilt. It was finished this March, and went to a very dear friend of mine to Australia. Well, not really to her, it was for the lovely Miss Juliet, who came into this world in January. I had made quilts for my friend's two boys as well, so it was a no brainer what to gift her for the birth of her third child!

It's slightly bigger than crib size with 70 x 50 inches. The is all scraps, and the solid is Kona Cotton Coal. The pattern is of course the Octagonal Orbs from Elizabeth Hartmann.

I used some yellow shirting for the back:

 The only thing that did not come from my stash for this quilt is the binding, I think it's from Art Gallery Fabrics:

I know that it was well received at it's new home, which made me very happy and showed me once more, why I love to gift quilts!

Happy Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The loghouse quilt

Happy Friday, everyone! I am in a very good mood today, so I'm sending out happy thought into the blogosphere...

And I finished a quilt! I haven't had any finished in April, so I think May is off to a good start. Remember the giant log cabin I showed here a while ago? The one out of the Vintage Modern jelly roll?  I finished that one, but since the single block is so big, I can't really call it a log cabin quilt anymore. So instead, I proudly present the log house quilt:

I also thought that the single big block was a bit boring, and I did not want a square quilt, so I added another little log cabin block in the corner. The quilt now measures about 70 x 60 inches.

Here's a view of the back:

 For the binding, I took some leftover strips from the jelly roll.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, I'm hoping to take a trip around the world. Check back for photos next week...

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Halfway there

Hi, long time no see, right? I've been sick last week, so not a lot of sewing has been going on (and no blogging at all!). I'm slowly getting back on track, and I worked on a long time UFO, my Little Folks string quilt.

I pulled out this quilt top. I started this over a year ago, and then it just sat there. But then I got two more half yards of the lovely Little Folks Voile from Ulrike, and this prompted me to get back to this quilt top. And I made 12 more blocks in one evening! I paper piece them, they are 11 inch squares. I need 16 more to have a Full Sized quilt, and 32 more for a queen size, which would fit our bed perfectly. So what do you think? Which size should I go for?

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