Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You can never have enough...

Tovas, that is! And that's why I made two more. I think I'm addicted to this pattern. I think I made six or seven by now. Seriously, this is my uniform. A tova, skinny jeans, boots or ballet flats. Looks pulled together and does not require a lot of effort.

The purple one on the left reminds me of little crocuses in the spring (which I would not mind to finally show up!).

In case you are wondering about that sleeve: Yes, that is a seam on the upper arm side. I did not have enough fabric to cut out two whole sleeves, only for one. So I took four half sleeves to make them into two whole ones and even added some topstitches to make it look like it's meant that way.

The other one is my fancy Tova. I went all out here with crocheted lace as embellishment and I added some buttons on the front.

It took a lot of fiddling around, but I even managed lace on the collar:

More lace on the sleeve and hem:

And even though I did not iron it for the photos, here's a shot of me in it:

I'm linking up with Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday. Last week I skipped over the random part. so here's some for you now:
I think Lana DelRey's music is really boring. I hate rice, can't even stand the smell. I'm going on a trip to Japan tomorrow and I haven't packed a single thing yet. I'll be leaving my children alone for the first time in five years (with the grandparents, so they will be well taken care of). I'm nervous about that, but also very excited. I can't wait to shop for fabric in Kyoto.

There you have it. See you soon (in two weeks)!

Live A Colorful Life

WIP Wednesday: Bee block sweat shop

After a long while, it's great to be able to link up to WIP Wednesday again.

I've been running a little bee block sweat shop yesterday. I was seriously behind in my bees, and I really needed this to be done so I can mail them off today. I'm going on a trip on Friday, and I wanted to tie up loose ends before that.

I managed to screw the first one up - big time. Angela wanted to have the Shoo fly block from Svetlana for her month in the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild Bee, which seems to be easy enough. Well, I had exactly three squares of the white fabric (Aneela Hoey's Cherry Christmas). Two squares need to be 5", one need to be 4.5". What I did not recognize was that Angela had already cut one down to 4.5". So I took one of the 5 inch ones and cut this one as well. When I realized my mistake, a little panic broke out in my sewing room. I tried to fix it as best I could by reattaching it and making it work (you can see it in the lower left corner). I hope Angela can still use it, the measurements are correct.

Next up was Angela D, and this time I really, really took care to follow instructions and make it right.

I had to add a little Joel Dewberry and Heather Bailey from my stash to make a second block, I hope she'll like it.

I made a block for the SDMQG's charity quilt:

And last but not least, my blocks for Aylin for the Bee Germany:

I must say, the curves were not as bad as I feared, I really had fun doing this. Maybe there's a quilt with curves for me in the near future...

About my trip: Does anyone have some tips about fabric shopping in Kyoto, Japan?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow

Do you know this happy feeling when after a long, dark and cold winter spring comes with sunshine, 15 degrees Celsius warmth and the first tulips in your garden? Feels pretty great, no? But you know what sucks? When it's not here to stay and it's replaced by cold wind freezing temperatures and snow. In mid March! The Ides of March, indeed!!! Sorry, I just had to get this out, we woke up to a layer of snow this morning and I just have enough of the cold and of bundling up my children in snowsuits. Especially after this taste of spring we had last week...

At least we have sunshine, so it kind of feels like we'll reach the end of the rainbow eventually. I decided to help a little bit with my latest finish.

I think this might be my favorite quilt I made so far. Seriously, I'm in love with this one. And that's why I will give it away. One of my best friends just had her third baby, a little girl after two boys. She lives in Australia and I have no idea when I'll see her again (in person, not just on Skype), so I'll send her a little love with this quilt.

The middle block is my favorite of them all
This quilt was actually started on a whim. My friend Monika choose this block for her month in the Bee Germany in January. It's an adaptation of the Octagonal Orbs block by Elizabeth Hartmann. I had so much fun making it that I decided to make a quilt of my own. It quickly became a rainbow quilt and voila, that's the end result.

It's quite big for a baby quilt, a bit larger than crib size, about 50 by 70 inches. The back was a lucky find. I have this factory close by that makes dress shirts, and they also sell fabric. By the pound, so you get really nice shirting fabric for not a lot of money. I went there in the hope to find something yellow, and got away with the perfect fabric. And when I put it on the floor for see how big it was, it fit the quilt top perfectly. I did not have to add or cut off a lot.

Quilting wise, I wanted to do something that mirrors the blocks.

And the binding is some Art Gallery fabric that I picked up in my LQS. I wanted to use yellow and white stripes, but they did not have anything, but I guess that's a good alternative.

Wow, that was a long a picture heavy post! If you are still with me: May your weekend be full of sunshine and rainbows!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Better late than never...

Back in February, I treated myself to a new book: Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes. I really wanted to add that to my collection when I saw countless reviews of it in blogland. So I just ordered it (and it wasn't even my birthday!). And I like it a lot! And of course I already made something from it, namely the knit top. Well, actually, I made two. But somehow, I just did not get around to take photos until today, but better late than never...

This one was my first try:

And since that turned out nicely, I made another one:

Even though I have a brand new pixie haircut (as in really short), there's no way I can smile as brightly as the model in the book, so I just cut my head off in those photos...

But back to the pattern: I had to fumble a bit with the neckline, but other than that, it's super easy to make. And I think the fumbling was due to the fact that I did not have elastic interfacing at hand and had to make do with normal, lightweight one. But I will definitely give this pattern another try, I'm thinking stripes the next time?!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Posy Patchwork

It's kind of funny, in my head, I always plan ahead for this blog, which post on what day etc., and then something always comes up and I end up not posting at all. Lack of sewing, no photos taken of the stuff I made, no time, kids are sick,... you name it.

But today I have to show a little something, it's a finished quilt! *gasp* That hasn't happend in a long time, has it?
One of my friends commissioned me with a baby quilt. A friend of her's is expecting her first baby, and since she also got married recently, my friend wanted to gift her with a combined wedding/baby present. I let her choose the fabric and she settled on Posy by Aneela Hoey. She also wanted a simple design for the quilt. This is what I came up with:

I used two charm packs of Posy and paired it with squares in Kona Cotton Melon, Pond and White. The Melon looks a bit dark in this picture, but it actually paired prefectly with the peachy tones of this line.

For the binding,  I used some pink with white polka dots fabric that I got at my LQS.

But here comes my favorite part about this quilt. The quilting:

I managed to step out of my comfort zone and did some quilting that does not include a single straight line! Hooray for stepping out of my comfort zone. The truth is, I wanted to try the orange peel quilting for a while now, and this quilt seemed perfect for it. But you know how some people are really great at Free Motion Quilting and create the most amazing quilting on their home machines? Well, I'm not one of them. I suck at FMQ, what can I say. So I did this with a walking foot and it was actually quite easy that way. Would anyone be interested in a little tutorial or is this an old hat and anyone knows how to do this and I was only to slow to catch up? Let me know!

I managed to snap those photos in bright sunshine yesterday, we had the nicest spring weather, but I'll be gearing up for winter, which is said to come back this weekend. Oh, how I miss San Diego sometimes...
Hope you'll be able to catch some rays!

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