Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Trip around a rainbow

Hi all, it's Wednesday and I have stuff in progress, which means I get to link up with Lee from freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday! Yes, I am excited about that, 'cause quilting had taken a backseat in the last few weeks but now I'm back in the game.

I finished all the blocks for my Octagonal Orbs Rainbow quilt! And I'm so excited about this one. It started on a whim a few weeks ago. My friend Monika had us do an Octagonal Orbs block for her month in the Bee Germany, and this was so much fun that I decided to make some for myself.

For some reason, I thought it would look nice to have yellow paired with every other color. The solid is Kona Cotton Coal. In the beginning, I had a different layout in mind, but then one night it struck me to make an actual rainbow block for the middle and arrange the other blocks around. Now I only have to wait for my shipment of more Kona Coal since I used up all my stash of it for this quilt.

I also finished a quilt top yesterday! My Trip around the Ocean quilt is done (well, almost, I'm still thinking of adding to it). But here's what I've got so far:

This had been on my design wall since before Christmas, and I got a) tired of looking at it and b) annoyed that I could not use my design wall for anything else cause this took up all the space. Right now I'm thinking about adding a border of squares around and then another round of turquoise sashing to make it bigger, but I'm not sure yet. What do you think?

And lastly, I also made some more bee blocks:

These "Sardines" are for February in the Bee Germany. Silke wanted us to make Sardines like in the table runner from Quilting Modern. It was fun to make, but I'm not sure if curves are my thing. On some of them I could not get the second curve right, so I made some more until I was happy with them.

And now is your turn! Go check out all the crafty goodness on freshly pieced! And don't forget to leave me a comment, haha! But about that: I'm thrilled about every comment I get, just not from people who want to direct me to their website that has anything to do with a root canal procedure or who promise me a fortune in their online casino. That said, I had a bit of a spamming problem recently and therefore decided to turn the word verification back on. I hope you understand!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finding Nemo

Guess who moved in with us? Nemo and Bruce! And it looks like they are here to stay...

I guess you all know about Mardi Grass and Carnival, right? Well, in Germany it's called Fasching, or Karneval, or in our region, Fasnacht. That's the time of year when kids dress up. My sons were very clear this year what they wanted to be: a clownfish and a shark. No, they have never seen the movie. It's just that my bigger kid has this stuffed clownfish that he loves, and we go to the aquarium a lot.

Being a sewist, it was a question of honor to make it myself (plus I hated all the clownfish costumes I saw online). So off I went to the fabric store and came home with some knit fabric. I really don't know what this is called in English, it feels like a velveteen, but it's a stretchy knit fabric. In German, it's called Nicki. Maybe someone can help me out here? I found out by now that's a cotton velour knit. Anyway, since the fabric was a bit on the pricey side, I wanted to make something that can be worn not just for Fasching. The hoodie of my clownfish outfit as well as the pants are from the latest Ottobre magazine (1/2013, pattern 26 and 27). I'm not gonna lie, it was a pain to make the stripes. The fabric was pilling like crazy, kind of like minkee. But my son's face lit up when he saw it, and I knew it was worth the effort.

Every fish need his fins
As for Bruce, I mean the shark costume, that one is a Burda pattern. That was once again a prime example that I don't really get what they want in their instructions. Maybe I'm too stupid, I don't know, but I read the instruction and my brain is unable to process what has to be done. So I tossed them aside and flew sewed blind. And I guess I know enough about sewing by now to not mess it up (yes, I am proud of that).

Now I only have one tiny problem: They don't want to take it off anymore...

Linking up to Creadienstag!

Friday, February 8, 2013


I have my first 2013 finish, yay! This is a goodbye present for my son's preschool group. He switched to the one his older brother attends this Tuesday. I'm so happy they finally go to the same place now, it saves a lot of time every day to just go to one school instead of two. And the little one loved the place! But the teachers of his old school were great, and I'm sure he'll miss his little friends. And what better way to say goodbye than with a quilt?

In case you are wondering why this never appeard as a WIP on my blog, it was a total spur of the moment thing. So last school day was on Monday, right? The week before, I got the idea to do this. So I dropped of fabric and paint with the teachers on Tuesday. They returned the handprints back to me on Thurday. Thurday evening I sewed the log cabins. Friday evening was for assembling the quilt top, Saturday naptime was for basting, Saturday evening for quilting and binding. Pewh!

That yellow hand is my son's

The handprints are done on some Bella Solid (sorry, forgot the name), the logs are scraps, and the gray is Kona Cotton Coal. I went for an overall wonky look. I quilted with more or less straight lines and bound it with striped fabric.

I used some IKEA fabric for the back, it fits quite nicely for a pre-school class since there are little cars, tricycles, flowers, butterflies and suns all over.

The finished quilt measures 45 by 65 inches. The kids loved it, and I hope they'll spend many hours playing with it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The winner takes it all!

 (Feel free to hum or sing along with ABBA now...)

 Thank you everyone for the bloglove for my 2nd anniversary! You guys are so sweet!

Well, we have a winner! Mr. Random chose ...drumroll please...

Kirsten, who said:
Happy 2nd blogiversary! They are such pretty fabrics.

Congratulations, I hope you'll have fun with the fabric!