Friday, December 13, 2013

Strike 2

I managed to finish more Christmas presents today. Well, actually today and yesterday, since it's now 1.15 am on Saturday morning and I started to sew them around 9.30 pm Friday evening. My husband is out of town, so I had no one to tell me to come to bed...

I made some QAYG pouches. I guess Aylin is to blame for that, she totally infected me when we saw each other in Frankfurt last month.  And it is a great way to reduce some scraps.

These will probably go to some of the women I work with, they have become great colleagues in the last six month. So I figured a little "thank you" won't hurt...

Before I'm off to bed, I'm linking up with crazy mom quilts!


  1. Your pouches are so cute!! I'm inspired :)

  2. Wow! Schön! Ich bin auch beeindruckt, wieviele du an einem Abend geschafft hast, ich hätte vielleicht eine geschafft.

  3. Gorgeous! I've just been sewing up a heap of pouches for gifts too - so quick and easy :)

  4. Schön geworden, toll für die zu beschenkenden! Du bist echt fleißig :-)

  5. You sound exactly like me...when my hubby is away I too sit up really late sewing and catching up on movies I saved or favourite TV shows I haven't watched that week! Lovely pouches, have a fantastic (and white?) Christmas! (Down here we wish for a hot sunny summer day for Christmas but one day I would love to be somewhere up north for a white Christmas!)