Monday, December 30, 2013

My year in clothes

Welcome to part two of my 2013 sewing review! Clothes. I am now at a point where I make a lot of my clothes myself. Quite often I find myself in a store, looking at something, and then putting it back because I think I can make this myself. Not that this would save me any money, since I spend a lot on fabric, but at least no one else is wearing it then.

When I made this mosaic, I realized two things: This is not even half of the stuff I made, and I seem to have a thing for tops and dresses. Seriously, mental note to myself: sew some pants or a skirt in 2014! And the rest of the clothes I made is missing because I never got around to having pictures taken. Let's face it, you get a much better idea about how a garment looks when it is worn. But I never seem to have my husband around in daylight to take photos of me and my selfies just suck. So I think we are missing about five dresses and eight tunics/shirts here...

1. Washi in Knit, 2. A shark in my living room, 3. Every fish needs a fin, 4. Two new shirts, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Kyoto meets Berlin, 8. Most comfy dress ever!, 9. Happy Shirt no. 1, 10. Happy Shirt no. 2, 11. Style T in Comma, 12. Saved by purple plaid fabric

Tune in again tomorrow for part three, bags and pillows! Have a good rest of the day! 

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