Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fresh sewing day!

Only 24 more days until Christmas! This makes me 1. giddy, 2. panicky. The first because I really like this holiday and my house is already decked out (okay, we are still missing a tree, but in Germany you don't put that one up until Christmas Eve), and the second because I haven't shopped for or made any presents yet. So I guess the next 24 days will be filled doing just that. I have a quilt for my oldest on the list, some pouches for my work colleagues, ...

But I'm getting ahead of myself since this post is intended to actually show what I made in November.

 I made a selvedge pouch for myself, added a little something to Ursi's starter block for the friends with additions bee, made my youngest some koala pants, finished a really sunny bench cushion, made myself another Super Tote and ten more blocks for my Granny Square quilt.

Not as much as I would have liked, but I had the chance to hang out with my favorite sewing buddies, and that alone makes November a highlight sewing-wise.


  1. Das ist 'ne Menge, was Du geschafft hast. Ich schaffe so gut wie gar nichts...

  2. Lovely makes!! It makes me feel very giddy and panicked too!!!

  3. Tja, jeder Monat ist immer voller Ideen und Projekte, irgendwie auf der eine Seite ist das Druck, aber auf der anderen Seite ist das doch wunderchön, denn wir sind KREATIV und das ist das Wichtigste!!! deshalb sage ich nur: weiter so, let's go on :-))

  4. :) das sind tolle Sachen, bei einigen war ich dabei - und das eine sieht aus wie etwas von mir in grün haha - das rosa Teilchen ist schon weg :)

  5. Great selvedge pouch you've made. How wide did you leave the strips of selvedge?