Thursday, October 17, 2013

Holiday in Holland

I thought I quickly drop in and let you know what I've been up to this week...

Husband and me ditched the kids let our children enjoy some quality time with the grandparents and went on a little mini vacation to Amsterdam!

We had three wonderful days full of walking along the many canals throughout the city:

soaking up as much art as we could (we managed a total of five museums in three days!):

"The Nightwatch" by Rembrandt

We also did some window and market shopping:

Tulips, anyone?
If you ever get the chance to visit Amsterdam, don't hesitate, it's a charming city. But beware of the cyclist!


  1. How fun! Amsterdam really is a lovely, and charming, city. I rarely check blogs on my computer, and can't comment on my phone, but know that I'm still reading, enjoying your stories, and thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. I went last year on holiday in Amsterdam and there were a lot of houseboats in the canals, you can also rent one, how awesome is that!
    just type in google houseboat amsterdam and you can find it.