Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Granny is growing on me...

Do you know what works wonders for creativity? A clean sewing space! I had a few hours for myself yesterday morning, the first morning in weeks that I could spend in a leisurely fashion. And I used the time to clean up my sewing space. It was bad in there, really, really bad. There was fabric everywhere, and I had somehow gotten into the habit of cutting fabric and then dropping the rest on a pile on the floor. And it was really starting to block my creativity since I was dreading to even go in there. But now I sit at my (clean!) desk and look around and marvel how much space there actually is...

As soon as it was clean again, I got to work. I know I already posted this yesterday, but I'm quite taken by it and think I need to show it again. This is a block based on the octagonal orbs block by Elizabeth Hartmann. I intend to make it into a pillow for the German speaking swap that's going on over at flickr right now. I hope my partner will like it...


Over the weekend, while there was still chaos around me, I already made a pillow with Sweetwater's Noteworthy line. My original plan was to make this design with the Tula Pink fabric, but then I somehow did not like that idea anymore. But the positive thing about this is that I now have a new pillow on my couch. Unfortunately, it does not match any of the other pillows, so I guess it will go to a new home at some point in the future.

I also made a few more Hope Valley/Chicopee granny squares yesterday.

I haven't decided yet whether I will just put the in rows or whether I should mirror the granny square layout with the blocks on the quilt top, like this:

Any advice?

I'm linking up with hugely talented people at freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday!


  1. I love your pillow! Maybe it could go somewhere else in your house if it doesn't match the others :)

  2. I am just like you - when my room gets too cluttered up I start to avoid it. I think I'm becoming a "less is more" person in general.

    I love your cute pillow and I like the grannies laid out in rows. Great blocks!

  3. I love, love, love your Tula Pink Pillow!

  4. I think they are great on point :)

  5. The swap block (soon to be pillow) is stunning! I think the granny square blocks look beautiful both ways, but I think I like them a little better on point. You do lovely work.