Monday, June 3, 2013

Sewing every day...

...keeps the creativity flowing. Okay, that did not rhyme, but I think you get it, no? I feel like I'm on fire sewing-wise. I just have this urge to create, create, create. And so I spend every spare minute in my sewing room. Of course it helped that my in-laws were here for a long weekend and they pretty much took over with the kids. So as a little "thank you", I made my mother-in-law a sleeping bag pouch. She's a teacher and teacher always need a pouch for all their pens, right?

I had some tiny HSTs left over from a different project, they were 1.5 inches I think. I threw them all together, quilted them on a piece of batting and voila, I had the outer part of my pouch! The lining is some fabric I bought in Japan, there was no selvage so I really don't know what it is.

Since I was already at it, I made another one for my sister-in-law. The joined us as well for the weekend and professors always need pouches as well, right? She's not a very pink person (unlike our mother-in-law), so for her I choose blues.

The outside is qayg, the lining fabric is from IKEA. You can find a tutorial for this pouch here, it's the genius idea of the wonderfully talented Aylin!

Ich habe momentan wirklich einen guten Lauf, so naehtechnisch gesehen. Und irgendwie habe ich auch eine starken Drang, kreativ zu sein. daher wird jede freie Minute an der Maschine verbracht. Am Wochenende waren meine Schwiegereltern da und haben sich um die Kinder gekuemmert, und das habe ich doch gleich genutzt. Als Dankeschoen habe ich das pinke Taeschchen fuer meine Schwiegermutter gemacht (Lehrer brauchen doch immer sowas!). Meine Schwaegerin bekam das blaue, die steht nicht so auf pink...

Mehr Kreatives gibts beim Creadienstag!


  1. Die sehen wirklich gut aus! Very nice! Und eine gute Idee, da ich noch etwas für meine Schwägerin nähen soll, ja Lehrerin und die braucht soetwas auch. Danke für den Tip!
    Viele Grüße

  2. Hi Kerstin! These are fantastic! I see this pattern for the first time and it looks also practical. x Teje

  3. Die sind aber schön. Mit einem normalen RV funktioniert das nicht, oder?