Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Mom

I think I made my Mom happy yesterday...

I finished her Super Tote and she really liked it. No inside pocket this time but a key fob.

pattern: Super Tote by Noodlehead
fabric: IKEA and some Moda Candy (PB & J by Basicgrey) for the patchwork pocket, Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey for the lining

Have a good start into the week. I'll be finishing Super Tote # 4 today (yes, I already did start another one, I just can't help myself...). What are you up to?


  1. It seems like so many blogs I'm following have been making this tote recently! I think I've started wanting one...

    I love the patchwork and the aqua zipper, by the way! Such cute details ♥

  2. Ooh I love that big flower print with the red! I can't wait to make another Super tote...just need to find someone in need of one ;-)

  3. Na, du bist ja voll geübt in super tote ;-) !
    Ich hab heut auch meine erste Noodlehead Tasche genäht- voll inspiriert von dir!

  4. Fabulous tote - really love the patchwork pocket!

  5. I'm loving seeing these super totes appearing in blogland - now onder your mum was so pleased. Thanks for linking up :)