Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super Tote Tuesday

I made two Super Totes a few weeks ago and never got around to blog about them, but I'm sneaking in the time now while my kids are napping...

I participated in a German speaking swap on flickr (by the way, do you hate the new flickr look as much as I do?), and we were making totes for your partners. I knew my partner liked linen and after a lot of thinking I came up with some ideas. And then Anna from Noodlehead released her Super Tote pattern. And I just knew that was it. I bought it like an hour after it came out and let me tell you: it's absolutely worth every penny. I just love it!

I had this fabric with the leafs for a while, it's a home dec weight. From the print I got the idea to make some appliques, which was a bit a pain in the butt, but well worth in the end. The thing I did not like about this bag is the stabilizer I used. Since I could not get the Pellon SF 101, I  bought Vlieseline S 320. It's pretty stiff, and I did not like to work with it. I guess it would be great for some fabric baskets or so, but for bags, not so much. Don't get me wrong, it still worked fine, but it will be the last time I used it with this pattern.

Here's the inside:

The green leafy fabric is a remnant I had picked up at Joann's ages ago. Unfortunately, I did not have enough for the whole lining, so I paired it with some Nicey Jane fabric from my stash. I think my partner liked it (at least she told me so!).

Since I like this pattern so much, I had to make another one.

 This one is made with some purple Echino Decoro that I bought in Japan as a remnant (I payed about 6 bucks for a meter!) and linen. The piping is made by moi with a shoelace and some Kona Cotton in Peacock. That was easier than I thought, why did I not make this before...? As stabilizer, I used Vlieseline H 630 this time, and that worked much better! Thanks for the tip, Aylin!

Here's the inside:

I had this striped fabric in my stash, it's actually a shirting (although I can't imagine wearing a shirt like that!). I used normal fusible interfacing with it (the kind you use for collars or so), and that worked pretty well. I love this bag and carry it around every day since. And should I tell you something very, very embarrassing? This was intended as mother's day gift for my Mom, but I loved it so much that I could not part with it. Mom got some flowers instead... . But don't worry, I'm not such a bad daughter after all, I'm already working on another Super Tote for her!

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  1. Deine Taschen sehen beide super aus und das Super Tote-Schnittmuster ist auch toll. Super eben!
    Ach ja, meine Mutter hat ne Tasche zum M-Tag gekriegt ;-)

    Viele liebe Grüße von
    coccinellids (mit/ohne Schlafanzug)

  2. Die Taschen schauen toll aus! Hab mir die Anleitung auch gleich mal gemerkt. Man kann nie genug Taschen haben ;)