Thursday, April 4, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Japanese Edition

Hello, hello, I'm back from my trip and feel enough recovered from jet lag to be able to blog...

So without further ado, some totally random impressions from Japan:

If you ever get the chance to travel to Japan during cherry blossom season, just do it! It's unforgettably beautiful.

Three major factors play a big role in Japanese cuisine.

1. It has to include some kind of fish:

2. It has to be on a stick:

 3. It has to be covered in jelly:

I never knew how scientific it can be to use a toilet:

There's something about kimonos. Such a pretty way of dressing up!

I fell in love with this bike. Too bad I could not take it with me to Germany!

I don't know what this sign is telling me:

And a recommendation: In case you go fabric shopping in Japan, take a lot of money with you or a credit card with a high limit. Trust me, you'll need it!

Wanna see with what I went away?

Nani Iro!!!!
Echino! Those were remnants and super cheap!
Lots of little pre-cuts

If you are still with me after this photo overload, I'll sum it up real quick: it was awesome!

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  1. The sign says Danger! Don't play here! I'm guessing it was near a lake or something?? Glad you enjoyed my adopted homeland :)

  2. Aaaaaah!!
    Schön, dass Du wieder da bist - und dass es Dir in Japan gefallen hat!
    So schöne Stöffchen (Neid) und erst die Bücher (schon wieder Neid) ... darf ich mir die Bücher mal anschauen ???

  3. Oh the kimonos are lovely,the trees are stunning and the food looked tasty:) Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi! How great you were able to visit that amazing country! I haven't been there but my sister lived in Osaka 4 years. I'm lucky to have now the Japanese 'umbrella' made with paper, 1 antic kimono and one new, lots of sticks and some ceramics.
    I'm sure you had difficulty to choose the fabrics - those are all so beautiful! x Teje

  5. What a great trip! The fabric shopping would be fun. Love your toilet photos. I agree...Kimono are great! I love your post. Very fun!

  6. Your trip looks amazing and your photos make me want to go there. Glad you could stock up on some fabric too!