Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kyoto meets Berlin

What comes out when you take a pattern from a book bought in Kyoto and you mix it with fabric bought in Berlin?

A new top of course!

I was a bit afraid at the beginning since the book is all in Japanese, but it was so easy to follow this pattern. Maybe it was a bit risky to use the good fabric right away and not make a muslin, but I could not wait to use it. But I bought three meters of it (for 12 Euro altogether, which is an absolute steal), so I knew I had enough to make a second top should I screw up the first try. The only alteration that I made was to take some material away at the sides so it's not so bulky. I think this will be a perfect staple for summer, so expect some more to come...


  1. So sweet. We will see what I am going to make out of this beautiful fabric :)

  2. You´re really pretty fast!! LOL
    The top looks lovely!