Friday, February 8, 2013


I have my first 2013 finish, yay! This is a goodbye present for my son's preschool group. He switched to the one his older brother attends this Tuesday. I'm so happy they finally go to the same place now, it saves a lot of time every day to just go to one school instead of two. And the little one loved the place! But the teachers of his old school were great, and I'm sure he'll miss his little friends. And what better way to say goodbye than with a quilt?

In case you are wondering why this never appeard as a WIP on my blog, it was a total spur of the moment thing. So last school day was on Monday, right? The week before, I got the idea to do this. So I dropped of fabric and paint with the teachers on Tuesday. They returned the handprints back to me on Thurday. Thurday evening I sewed the log cabins. Friday evening was for assembling the quilt top, Saturday naptime was for basting, Saturday evening for quilting and binding. Pewh!

That yellow hand is my son's

The handprints are done on some Bella Solid (sorry, forgot the name), the logs are scraps, and the gray is Kona Cotton Coal. I went for an overall wonky look. I quilted with more or less straight lines and bound it with striped fabric.

I used some IKEA fabric for the back, it fits quite nicely for a pre-school class since there are little cars, tricycles, flowers, butterflies and suns all over.

The finished quilt measures 45 by 65 inches. The kids loved it, and I hope they'll spend many hours playing with it!


  1. adorable! what a great gift. I'm so happy to see someone else who quilts in "sort of straight lines" that's my specialty, LOL. I tell everyone it's more "modern" to make the lines a little wonky!

  2. That's beautiful and your idea is fantastic!

  3. I love the quilt as a whole - the use of grey and the favorite part is the wonderful hand prints :-)

  4. That is lovely, well done getting it done in time :-)