Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Clean up!

Hello, hello, it's been a while since I took part in WIP Wednesday over at freshly pieced! I just did not have anything quilty in progress at all. And, to be honest, my sewing room was so messy it actually hindered my creativity. Seriously, there was stuff everywhere! The table was totally messed up, all my scrap bins were dumped out on the floor, ...
Over the weekend, I finally set to work to clean up. It took me two days! But look here, do you see what I see?

 Fabric  sorted by color! An extra bin for all the WIPs! And I can actually open the little drawers again and reach my notions!

And look here, you can see the table top:

 I must say this was long overdue. I filled two garbage bags with stuff to throw out. It was also good to take stock of my WIPs. I came across those blocks, I think I started with this in the Spring of last year.

This one will be the next on the list now!

And last but not least, I even have a little finish to show today!

We don't really have the tradition of Christmas stockings in Germany, but on the 6th of December, the "Nikolaus" is coming to stuff the boots or stockings of the children. So big kid had to bring a stocking for the Nikolaus celebration in pre-school. And since I'm a quilter and not a knitter, I whipped this one up. I just drew up a stocking pattern, pieced some 2.5 inch squares together and lined it with Bella Solid in Natural. Little kid with get one now as well.

All in all, a productive week. More productivity can be seen here:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Win some, loose some

Today I'm showing you a failure. Well, maybe not a complete failure, but definitely one for me. I had this wonderful rayon jersey in my stash and wanted to make this shirt with it. Let me tell you that it's one thing to make cute little raglan jersey shirts in size 4T and quite a different thing to make a wrapped top out of slippery fabric! The pleats on the side gave me a headache and it took several tries to get it right. And when it was done, it did not look good on me. Showed the muffin top a bit took clearly...

However, it did look good on my friend Priska (and she just had her third little one five month ago!), so I gave it to her. So at least some good came out of my failure, she has a new shirt now.

Ich habe mich mal wieder an einem Burda-Schnitt probiert, Modell 119 aus Heft 10/2012. Und musste leider feststellen, dass es einen grossen Unterschied gibt, ob man ein Jerseyshirt in Gr. 104 naeht oder ein Wickelshirt aus Viskosejersey! Die Falten an der Seite waren eine Katastrophe und ich hab's erst nach drei Versuchen richtig hinbekommen. Und als ich es dann anprobiert habe, sah es eher unvorteilhaft aus hat hat den Rettungsring am Bauch doch eher betont  als kaschiert. An meiner Freundin Priska sieht es hingegen gut aus. Jetzt hat sie wenigstens ein neues Shirt, auch gut!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter Washi

Happy Monday on this very rainy, very bleak morning! I'm a bit sleep deprived today, my little one decided to wake up at 11 pm, 1 am and then at 5 am he was done with sleeping. And I thought it gets better the older they get. Oh well, it is called the terrible twos after all...

I did some more selfish sewing last week. A dress, to be precise. I'm a huge fan of Boden, I think they have very cute stuff, but I'm not a fan of their prices. I really liked this corduroy dress, but that's something that is so doable. So I did!

 I had this corduroy that was sitting in my stash. I was undecided what to do with it, thinking about a skirt. But after my Washi tunic turned out so well, I wanted to try the dress version. I did modfy it a bit, the skirt was a bit too full for my taste. I took away about 1.5 inches of fabric on each side. The sleeves are from the Tova pattern, I had that pattern out and it was a perfect fit for the Washi, no modifications needed. I was a bit skeptical about the cutout on the bodice, but that was actually no problem at all.

Here's a closer look at the fabric:

It's not as yellow as it looks, it really is more tan than anything else

Together with dark brown boots, it's another nice outfit for fall.

I hope you have a good, sunny start of the week!

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Friday, November 23, 2012


= Thank Goodness I Finished This Quilt!!!!

Did you ever have this, that you started a quilt and thought: "Oh, it's just squares, I'll have that one finished in no time!"
Hey, well, pride comes before the fall. This quilt was comissioned by my sister-in-law. Her best friend just had a baby and she wanted to give a quilt. The new mom wanted a  simple design with squares. Since I knew it would be a girl, I thought that would be the perfect occassion to use my two charm packs of Aneela Hoey's A walk in the woods. So I put it all up on my design wall and did not like it at all. Something about these squares together just did not look right to me, there was too much going on. I needed to loose it all up. I ended up with nine patch blocks, the center block being solid white and with sashing in between the blocks. Simple enough, right? The quilt top was not the problem, that one came together quickly. But form there, it went downhill fast. It was requested that the quilt is a bit thicker, so I bought some really thick polyester batting. Turns out this was a little bit too thick, I hated the look of it. So I had to unbaste it, change the batting out (another fluffy polyester thing, but not as thick) and went to work quilting it. I thought I go with simple lattice lines. Well, after I had quilted half the quilt, I noticed there was a lot of puckering and the lines were not as straight as they should be, it was all very much on the crooked side. Let's just say the seam ripper and me have become very good friends now...

I basted the whole thing again, with about twice as much needles, and I marked the quilting lines with a ruler before I went anywhere near the sewing machine with it. I guess it turned out alright, but I'm glad this one went out the door and I won't have to look at it all the time....

Here's a better look at the fabric for the back, I had this one in my stash and I think it fits well with the little foxes, mushrooms and Red Riding Hood on the front.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad hair day Tova

Remember this fabric? I finally made something with it! Stop reading here if you don't want to see yet another Tova tunic, but that's what I made. Tova number four. I just could not help myself, I love this pattern! I think it's great for all seasons, and now in Winter I wear it with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

Here it is, my bad hair day Tova! My friend Priska is responsible for this name. She told me I should wear it on bad hair days because the tunic is so bright, nobody will look at my head when I have it on... . I think she especially meant the insert. Yes, I admit it's kind of in your face and super bright. But guess what, I love this shirt. It has this totally feel good, sunny groove to me.  To be honest, I'm not really a black clothes kind of girl. I think I have one black sweater and one pair of black pants in my closet, that's it. The rest of my clothes is pretty colorful and bright, so this tunic fits right in.

I rounded the corners of the insert and the collar on this one. I think that fits better with the tulip pattern of the fabric. What do you think?

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Washi Monday

Happy Monday, I hope everyone has a good start into the new week. I started mine with a little bit of fabric shopping, what better way is there?

Yesterday, my kids took a really good nap, and since the house was clean and the laundry folded, I did a little bit of selfish sewing. I bought the Washi pattern the day Rae came out with it, and then it sat there in my sewing room and I never got around to making it. I also had two yards of Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi fabric sitting around.

Time + pattern + fabric =

A new tunic for me!

Yes, it could have gone terribly wrong to use to good fabric at the first try, but thankfully, it didn't. I'm happy with how it turned out. It fits well, I only had to take in the sides a bit. There was a bit too much fabric there and from the side I looked quite pregnant (which is never nice when you are actually not!)
It's a great pattern, well written and sews up fast. I attached the facing on the outside (okay, I admit that was by mistake, but I like the look of it!)

Together with a mustard cardi, burgundy corduroy pants and boots, it's a nice fall outfit!

I think I should warn you already, you might see a few of those popping up here over the next few weeks...

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Obsession

Is there a self-help group out there for Hexaholics? Because I think I'm obsessed...
Or in other words: It's growing on me. The only thing I worked on last week (okay, I did baste two quilts, but that doesn't really count) was my hexagon bench cover.

It's now a bit more than half the size I'll need to cover the bench (you can check out the story and last week's progress here).

There are a few favourites hidden in there, like this little guy:

or this one:

 and finally the owl and the dino:

My husband asked me the other night whether he should turn himself into a hexagon so I'll pay him more attention...

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