Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A dress that fits!

Hello, hello! It's been a while... . Sorry, I did not really mean to go m.i.a., it just happened. Certain events in my family put a lot on my plate, and 'real' life always has more priority than this little space.  Oh, and we did go on vacation for two an a half weeks, which was very nice. But now we've been back for a whole week and I did manage to sew something.

A new dress! And it even fits! After the debacle with this one (yeah, still too tight), I wanted to be extra sure this time. I had started it while we still lived in San Diego, and it moved with me half done. I had cut it out a size bigger than I normally wear because I'm too lazy too add seam allowance. It's from a German Burda magazine (2/2011, pattern 101), and those patterns never have the seam allowance included, you have to add it. So it was too big, but I adjusted it until it fit. And that was quite something. But well worth it.

The fabric is some eyelet I bought at Joann's (this one, in case you are interested).  I remember that it had caught my eye while waiting in line at the cutting table. The dress is also fully lines with some white voile fabric. I actually used the lining as my muslin and adjusted the pattern with this one, so I did not mess up the nice eyelet fabric. I did take a lot of fabric out from the skirt, it was just too bulky before.

I'm thinking of pairing this one with a mustard yellow cardigan as a complete outfit...