Friday, April 27, 2012


Remember this fabric? I bought it on Tuesday,

posted this picture on Wednesday, and had transformed it into shirts by Thursday. Wow,  the kids clothes week challenge really keeps me going! And on top of that, I even managed to wash all the dirty laundry and clean the bathrooms! (Just a little bragging is allowed, no?)

At first, I wanted to make an all brown and all red shirt, but then I thought why not mix it up a bit? Both patterns are from Ottobre, the big one is pattern #25 from 4/2011 in a size 104 or 4T, the small one is pattern #4 from the current issue  (3/2012, I already made this shirt with it) in size 92 or 2T. They come together so, so quickly, it's instant sewing gratification to make one!

I'm not so happy with the collar yet, I made it a bit too loose, I might have to change that

Both my boys were really happy with them. Child one got his shirt first, and you should have seen the look on the face of child two when there was none for him! I had made the big one on Wednesday evening and the smaller shirt yesterday morning. But when he came home from pre-school and there was a shirt waiting for him, his world was alright again...

And look, I even remembered to sew in my labels on both shirts! Normally, I just remember when the seams are already closed and then I'm too lazy to open them up again.

It was hard to get a good 'action shot', they would not keep still and most of them turned out blurry, but here's one that worked.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Precious

Have you heard about the My Precious Quilt-a-long? This was just the push I needed to finally cut into my Little Folks stash. It has been sitting on my shelf for quite a while now. Once in a while, I would get it out and pet it a bit, feel the softness of it, imagine what I would make with it some day. But I never actually dared to cut into it. But this is no more, I took the plunge and just did it!

Oh, I can't wait to get this one finished. Just looking at those first few blocks makes me giddy!

Other than that, quilting has taken a back seat this week. It's kids clothes week challenge over at elsie marley, and for the first time, I did not miss it. After my quick success with a shirt yesterday, I bought some more knit.

I think it's quite rare to find cute knits for boys (other than just stripes). I bought enough for two shirts, so my kiddos can wear matching brother outfits (yes, I'm that kind of mom).

Also on the list is a new pair of pants for the little one. I guess I'll just make my go to pattern by Anna Maria Horner. The owls will be the lining, the other fabric is a really fine corduroy.

I think some pants and shirts should be doable until the end of the week, no?

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While grocery shopping yesterday morning, I picked up the new Ottobre magazine for kids clothes (3/2012, the summer issue). While bloghopping yesterday evening, I discovered that it's kids clothes week challenge over at elsie marley.


But hey, normally I remember such things when they are over. So I took this as a sign and set to work. About two hours later, I had a shirt for my younger son. This came together faster than you can say "quick and easy"!

This is pattern # 4, I made the biggest size (92, I guess that's maybe a 24 mo. or 2T in American sizes), and it fits him just fine. I had picked up this knit a looong time ago at Joann's, it's acutally tiny stars all over. I have to admit that the print reminds me a bit of pj's, but I did not have anything else at hand. The only thing that I changed: I made the sleeves an inch longer and omitted the cuffs. Instead I just used a twin needle to finish the seam.

I'm happy with the end result, and since it's almost foolproof, I can now buy some really nice knit fabric and make him a couple more.

How about you guys? Do you sew for your kids at all?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tonia's quilt

Hello, hello, it's been a  while, I've shamefully neglected this little space. I did not drop off the face of the earth, real life just took over for a while. We've been on vacation for a week over Easter. Nothing fancy, just a visit to the Grandparents in the North of Germany. I got the chance to go fabric shopping and came home with a nice (not so little) stack. And since my mother-in-law does not have a fully functional sewing machine in her house, I took up hand quilting. I had bought one of those qiant quilting hoops a while ago, and I had to at least use it once. The quilt for my new niece was the perfect opportunity since I wanted to add a personal note to that one.

The pattern of this quilt is from Susan Beal's book "Modern Log Cabin Quilting". What can I say, great book, great pattern.

I had a pre-cut, crib sized piece of batting with me, and it just fit, there was not much space left on either side. It would have sucked to be all ready to go and then be stalled because your batting is too small...

I kept the quilting at a minimal, I just stitched around the crosses and then made another cross in the middle. Since I mixed red, pink, white and green as solids in the quilt top, I also used those colors for the quilting.

When I was done, I was somehow missing something, so I added another personal note:

Just the basics, my niece's name, her date of birth and her measurements. In case her parents ever forget...

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday: It's a girl!

Today I can share the happy news that a little over a week ago, I became an aunt to a beautiful little girl!

As you can see, she already wraps her parents around her fingers...

Of course this calls for a baby girl quilt. But now we come to the embarrassing part: I've know for weeks that I'll have another niece. I started a quilt for her, but then I put it aside to work on other stuff. And suddenly, she was here and the quilt was not done yet. So yesterday I finally finished all the blocks. And then I spend about an hour arranging them. I kid you not, it took me that long until I was happy with the layout.

The pattern is from Susan Beal's book Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Since we'll be visiting my in-laws over Easter and stay there for a whole week, I decided that I will quilt this by hand (I can't go without sewing for a whole week, can I?).  I plan on stitching around the crosses. Let's see how that will work out...

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Tova, take # 2

Happy Monday! And what a fine Spring Monday it is in my little corner of the world. Blue sky, no cloud in sight, blooms everywhere, what better start into the week can there be? Oh wait, there is a better way! With new clothes of course. New handmade clothes.

I spent Saturday evening glued to my sewing machine. After my first version of the Tova tunic, I felt confident enough to cut into the "good" fabric. I had two yards of Larkspur meadow by Alexander Henry that I've been saving for something special.

 I couldn't be happier about it. It's a bit loud and in your face, but I absolutely love it. This time I did not have to fumble so much with the insert and it turned out much nicer than in the first version. I guess practice does make perfect.

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