Monday, December 17, 2012

Sewing, assembly line style

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I went to the Christmas market, watched one kid laughing with glee and the other scream in horror while riding the carousel, ate some Bratwurst and bought some snow boots for our upcoming vacation. And I've been running my own little sweatshop manufacture in the evening.
I made some gifts for my son's pre-school teachers. I needed 10 gifts and decided to make some pouches. One can always use those, right?

They are fun and easy to make, and I had all the fabric in my stash. The one with the big flowers used to be a dishtowel from IKEA, there's some leftover Drawing Room from this bag, and the rest is some home dec weight fabric I shipped across the ocean. If you are ever in San Diego and looking for cheap, but great fabric for bags and such, you should definitely check out Home Fabric in Clairmont!
I used an assembly line style approach while making them, I inserted all the zippers first, ironed in between and finished them. Saved some time since I did not have to change the presser feet in between.

Now I only need to stuff the pouches with chocolate and I'm all set. Oh, and in case you have been counting 11 pouches: the Echino one stays here, that one is for myself...

I hope everyone is ready for the holidays, if not, have a productive week!

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  1. Your pouches turned out really cute. I use the assembly line approach a lot. It makes things go a lot faster it seems and easier which I am all for because I don't have a lot of time. Too bad I am terrified of zippers because those pouches are a really great idea!

  2. Kerstin, they are all so beautiful and wonderful fabrics! Merry Christmas to you! x Teje

  3. These are great, and I know they'll be appreciated!