Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Clean up!

Hello, hello, it's been a while since I took part in WIP Wednesday over at freshly pieced! I just did not have anything quilty in progress at all. And, to be honest, my sewing room was so messy it actually hindered my creativity. Seriously, there was stuff everywhere! The table was totally messed up, all my scrap bins were dumped out on the floor, ...
Over the weekend, I finally set to work to clean up. It took me two days! But look here, do you see what I see?

 Fabric  sorted by color! An extra bin for all the WIPs! And I can actually open the little drawers again and reach my notions!

And look here, you can see the table top:

 I must say this was long overdue. I filled two garbage bags with stuff to throw out. It was also good to take stock of my WIPs. I came across those blocks, I think I started with this in the Spring of last year.

This one will be the next on the list now!

And last but not least, I even have a little finish to show today!

We don't really have the tradition of Christmas stockings in Germany, but on the 6th of December, the "Nikolaus" is coming to stuff the boots or stockings of the children. So big kid had to bring a stocking for the Nikolaus celebration in pre-school. And since I'm a quilter and not a knitter, I whipped this one up. I just drew up a stocking pattern, pieced some 2.5 inch squares together and lined it with Bella Solid in Natural. Little kid with get one now as well.

All in all, a productive week. More productivity can be seen here:


  1. oh I love your stocking! Very well done whipping that up like you did!
    & I love the blocks you found in your room! Really pretty!

  2. I hate cleaning, but I love a cleaned up space. The stuff I kept. Ridiculous! I found all my WIPs and have been finishing everything off at great speed. Hope you have the same effects. I love your stocking, too

  3. Now that you have your sewing area tidy it's time to mess it up again. I like the quilt from last spring. Time to get it finished and pictured in WIP. Great stocking!

  4. Love it... The cleaned up, organized sewing room, I think it actually unclutters our brain and makes room for more creativity.... Love the little stocking too.... :)

  5. I so need to do this, your room looks fantastic! I'm about 2 days away from not being able to stand being in mine ;-).

  6. I love those circles! And I am in the middle of cleaning my sewing room, but I keep getting distracted to do other things. I've put a sewing ban on until it's clean though, so I imagine it will get done by this weekend. I'm itching to make something!

  7. Love your circles! I have a WIP that is almost like that one. :D Don't you love it when your creative space is all tidy? Mine only lasts that way about 2 days though and then I have to retidy. I guess that just means I've been doing what I'm supposed to do and cutting and sewing! :D

  8. I have to clean up between projects, or I feel discombobulated, but I am a slob while sewing! Lovely stocking finish too!

  9. Impressive clean up! Want to come tackle my sewing room next? ;)

    Love the stocking!