Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Owls, trucks and stars

After weeks and weeks of not sewing anything quilt-related at all, I had a productive week and I can SHOUT FROM THE TOP OFF MY LUNGS:
(Sorry for the shouting, I'm just excited to get things done!)

I finished a quilt top and a half, yay!

Here's the finished one:

That's all the leftovers I have from this quilt. I had bought a layer cake of the 10 little things fabric by Jenn Ski, and after the zig zag quilt I had plenty left to make another baby quilt. I'd love to say I came up with this design on my own, but I didn't. My inspiration for that quilt came from here.
This quilt will go to a little boy in my family, it has to be a boy quilt with all that trucks and cars!

Here's the top that's half done:

I decided to make another Sparkle Punch quilt. This time, I used Flea Market Fancy, together with some DS Quilts Collection fabric. This quilt will be for a friend who's expecting her second baby soon. I can't say more because it's a surprise for her...

So that was all the good stuff. But since I'm trying to keep it real here, I'll show you my big failure as well: I started to quilt my Salt Air quilt. By hand. In my head, this looked really fantastic. In reality, not so much.

I really don't like it, and since this quilt is supposed to stay on my couch, I have to be 100% satisfied with it. I think I'll just go for some simple straight line quilting now.

I'm excited to link up with Lee from freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday, it's been a while since I joined that fun!


  1. Love love love the finished quilt top and I don't think the quilting on the other is that bad, actually. I know where you're coming from regarding the "I have to be 100 per cent satisfied" thing, though.

  2. I LOVE your Sparkle Punch quilt! Even more than the original on the creator's blog. For the hand quilting, you could try using a water soluble marker and a ruler to draw the lines of the star every half inch or so. Then quilt on top of that. I love chunky quilting and I think your idea is great! Keep at it!

  3. All of your projects look great, but I really love your Sparkle Punch quilt. Flea Market Fancy is a favorite :)

  4. Lucky little boy to receive the fun quilt. Love your Sparkle too. Flea Market Fancy is a favourite of mine! Sorry you are unhappy with your hand quilting, but I know how you feel. It would annoy you every time you looked at it if it didn't finish the way you wanted.

  5. Hurray for things to show off! That little boy quilt is pretty cut and it's amazing you made it with leftovers! So much better as a quilt than in a stash pile I think. That Sparkle Punch quilt is so fun! Where did you find the pattern? I'd love to put it on my list to make. I totally understand the angst on the hand quilting. Have you tried drawing out the lines before you stitch with a marking pencil or something? That might help it turn out exactly how you want it and you could always wash it off later.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, and happy colours. Well done you. Good for you for even trying hand quilting: I never dared!

  7. Looks great! I have a log cabin on my blog too! They're so incredibly versatile!

  8. beautiful and love the finished one :) I am stopping by from the WIP blog hop. I have my WIPs up today if you want to stop by :)

  9. I'm always excited when it's WIP day and I have something to link up. The Sparkle Punch is great. I like the hand stitching.

  10. Sometimes shouting is good!

    I finally cut into my FMF so maybe I will finish something soon

  11. I love the Salt Air fabric! I haven't used very much of mine because I love it too much. LOL

  12. Fleissig warst Du!!
    Es wird wirklich Zeit dass ich mal wieder an einem Quilt nähe ...
    Wie sieht es aus bei Dir morgen früh????

  13. Don't you love a "free" quilt when you can use the leftovers from another? Those are the best kind of quilts. I'm sorry you didn't like your hand quilting - I think it looks so cute!