Monday, September 3, 2012

Away we went

We are back from vacation! And I guess that means summer is over...
Today is the first day back in pre-school for my boys after six weeks of vacation, and it's the first day of a bit peace and quiet for Mom to write a blog post. Sorry if I kept ignoring this little space during that time. But I did not sew anything at all and we just had a good time playing, going to the pool, taking trips...

Our last trip this summer was to Switzerland. We stayed by the Walensee, and this past week the view outside our window looked like this:

We were lucky with the weather as well. It only rained heavily for the last two days, so we could go hiking, bathe in the lake (very cold and refreshing!), and since my in-laws were with us, my husband and me even got an afternoon off from the kids.

So we tried some new form of transportation up the hill:

Yes, I admit I was scared in that thing...

This view greeted us when we were on the mountain:

We took a more traditional means of transportation downhill:

We met new aquaintances:

He wasn't so sure what to think...

You won't believe the noise from the bells!

And it's quite amazing how many hours can be spend just throwing stones into the water!!

But now I have to go and dust of my sewing machine, and hopefully I'll get something done before school's out for today!


  1. Welcome home. It looks like a wonderful vacation :) Looking forward to see your new projects. We're all back to school and work as well But for me it seems to have the opposite effect. I hardly get anything done :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures. What fun!! :) Good luck getting stuff done during school. I can't wait for those day!