Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A dress that fits!

Hello, hello! It's been a while... . Sorry, I did not really mean to go m.i.a., it just happened. Certain events in my family put a lot on my plate, and 'real' life always has more priority than this little space.  Oh, and we did go on vacation for two an a half weeks, which was very nice. But now we've been back for a whole week and I did manage to sew something.

A new dress! And it even fits! After the debacle with this one (yeah, still too tight), I wanted to be extra sure this time. I had started it while we still lived in San Diego, and it moved with me half done. I had cut it out a size bigger than I normally wear because I'm too lazy too add seam allowance. It's from a German Burda magazine (2/2011, pattern 101), and those patterns never have the seam allowance included, you have to add it. So it was too big, but I adjusted it until it fit. And that was quite something. But well worth it.

The fabric is some eyelet I bought at Joann's (this one, in case you are interested).  I remember that it had caught my eye while waiting in line at the cutting table. The dress is also fully lines with some white voile fabric. I actually used the lining as my muslin and adjusted the pattern with this one, so I did not mess up the nice eyelet fabric. I did take a lot of fabric out from the skirt, it was just too bulky before.

I'm thinking of pairing this one with a mustard yellow cardigan as a complete outfit...


  1. The yellow sweater would look sweet with the dress. Very nicely done. I thought you did a wonderful job on the last dress, but that will be something to look forward to in the future.

  2. Well done! Mustard yellow would look absolutely gorgeous with it! The dress has been on my list ever since last year but I've not yet learned to make an FBA. Having finally tackled my first dress I'm eager to finally get down with it, though.

  3. This looks really pretty!! I still did not manage to start a dress for me ...

  4. I LOVE it on you!! You should be really proud because it looks so good! And a mustard cardi would look so good with it.
    I also bought that eyelet from JoAnn awhile back and I made myself a super cute skirt that I loved with it. Then one trip through the washer and it got some stain all over it and I couldn't get it out. So I decided to dye it black instead. BUT...apparently I had sewn some of the panels wrong-side out and they took the dye differently. So I ended up having to just toss it. :( So glad to see how good yours looks on you.

  5. It's a very pretty dress. Well done, You!! :)