Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Seeing stars

Hello, hello, hello! It's been a while since I tended to this little space. But I just had nothing to blog about, I only did a little sewing. Summer has totally taken over. We are strawberry picking, playing with the water hose in the garden, planting new plants in the garden,  having a lot of friends over or visiting lots of friends, cheering on the German soccer team in the Euro Cup...
... in short, just having a jolly good time.

But over the last week, I did get a bit of sewing done, yay! I actually managed to clean up my sewing room and while doing so I took the time to sort out my WIPs. My Salt Air quilt was the one who screamed the loudest to be worked on.

I love how this comes together! It's so summerish to me, so it fits perfectly right now! I'm using two charm packs of Cosmo Cricket's Salt Air. The biggest stars are made with half square triangles from 5 inch squares, the rest are all smaller, down to HSTs from 2 inch squares.

I have all the HST cut, now I just need to finish them...

I already know that this quilt will be bound in red, even if I'm far from that step. But I can't wait for this one to be on my couch!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday: UFO to WIP

Another week gone by, and this time I really got some things done. I finished the zig zag quilt from last week's post, I am halfway through with another quilt, I started a new one and I made some bee blocks. Not too shabby, no?

This quilt came close to being a UFO. I had made the blocks in January, and then pieced them into strips, and then... nothing. It just sat on my shelf and I was thinking that sewing strips into a quilt top is so much less fun than starting something else. But last week, I looked at the pile and it started bothering me. So one evening I set to work and finished the top. The next morning I pieced a back and even basted it.

And now I just have to quilt it. The fabric of this one is Terrain by Kate Spain, together with Kona white. It's really funny, until recently I never used white as a solid, and now I seem to use it almost exclusively! I have enough strips left from the jelly roll, so I will use that for the binding.

The new quilt I started will be made from leftovers.  The zig zag quilt was made with a layer cake, and after I saw this fabulouse quilt, I knew what I wanted to make. And since I really love log cabins blocks, it's the perfect use for the fabric.

And last but not least this week, I made two more blocks for Amanda for our SD bee (the bee of members of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild, and I'm proud to be still considered a member!). This was a lot of fun to make. Amanda just asked for two blocks, but since I had enough fabric for an extra one, I just couldn't stop myself...

And now I'll check out all the other fabulous projects at

Monday, June 11, 2012

10 little things for Dominik

It's amazing in how little time one can actually finish a quilt when not distracted by starting a new project, sewing clothes, gazing at and sorting fabric,...
In other words: I finished a quilt! Such a nice start into the week!

This one is for my friend Priska who just had her third child, a little boy, three weeks ago. She was one of the first people I met when we moved here last summer, and we've become friends really fast. I'm thankful for this friendship since it has made settling in much easier for me. When she told me she's having another baby, my first thought was "I'm going to make the baby a quilt!"

The fabric is 10 little things by Jenn Ski.  I love her kind of retro artwork, and I was excited when she came out with this line for Moda that's just great for boys. I paired it with Kona white.

For the binding, I used Kona cardinal. I had asked which color to use in my last post, either Kona cardinal, tangerine or lemon, and most of the kind people who left a comment actually voted for the red. But I was really torn between cardinal and tangerine, and in the end I just left it up to my friend and she chose the red one. And it looks nice like that, no?

 The back is pieced together from some leftover squares, a dark blue shirting fabric and Kona medium gray. And of course I had to add a little D for its owner!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Back in the saddle

It's Wednesday, and I actually have some quilt related items to share! I've been slacking a bit the last two week, it was a mixture of no time, no inspiration, no energie that kept me from quilting. But now I feel like I'm back in the saddle.

I started this little quilt last Saturday. A friend of mine had her third child last week, a beautiful baby boy. She was one of the first people I got to know here after our move last year, and we've become friends really fast. So it was no question that I would make her little boy a quilt.

The fabric is Kona white mixed with 10 little things by Jenn Ski. I love her art, especially for kids, so I was really excited when she came out with this fabric line. And it's great for boys, which is not so common (no pink in this line, thank goodness!). I started this last Saturday and yesterday I finished the quilting with orange thread.

Now I just have to decide on how to bind it. My choices are Kona Lemon, Tangerine or Cardinal. Any suggestions?

On top of that, I made my first bee block! I'm part of the SD Bee, which is the bee of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild. I'm so thrilled that the others are willing to send me their fabric all the way to Germany so I can be a part of this. Oh, how I miss the monthly meetings...

The first one in the bee is Amanda. She send us some Kona Sage and Everglade and asked us to pair it with red, orange or yellow scraps from our stash. Her circut board quilt will be gorgeous! This is so much fun to make. I have to make another block for her, this one already took much longer since I measured, ripped apart and sewed again to make it perfect.  Well, almost perfect, that little bend in the middle row is far from it, but after ripping it apart for three times I gave up...

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Feeling a bit stupid

What's the point of sewing clothes? Apart from having a unique garment? Well, in my opinion, it's certainly also that you have something that fits perfectly because it's tailored for your body, right?

So I guess you can imagine why I feel a bit stupid because of my new dress. I love it. It turned out great. I even managed to put in that darn zipper. I had saved this fabric for a while. IT DOES NOT FIT!! It's too small!!! And in case you are now wondering about that thumping noise, yes, that's me, banging my head against the wall.

I'm not really sure how this did happen, I choose the right size based on my measurements. The funny thing is, I already had a bad feeling while I was sewing that something is not quite right. The pattern is the Passport dress by Lisette (Simplicity 0448), and the fabric I bought at Joann's two years ago. The pattern was super clear to follow and it really did not take that long to make the dress. And now I only have to drop about 10 lbs. to be actually able to wear it. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, I can actually close the zipper, it's just a bit too snug to feel comfortable in it...

Since it's still a nice dress in my opinion, I'm linking up with Sew Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Date night

I ditched my husband for tonight...

...and went on a date...

...with my sewing machine...

Well, what can I say, we had a great time together...

Hope everyone has a good weekend and a great date planned for tonight...