Friday, April 20, 2012

Tonia's quilt

Hello, hello, it's been a  while, I've shamefully neglected this little space. I did not drop off the face of the earth, real life just took over for a while. We've been on vacation for a week over Easter. Nothing fancy, just a visit to the Grandparents in the North of Germany. I got the chance to go fabric shopping and came home with a nice (not so little) stack. And since my mother-in-law does not have a fully functional sewing machine in her house, I took up hand quilting. I had bought one of those qiant quilting hoops a while ago, and I had to at least use it once. The quilt for my new niece was the perfect opportunity since I wanted to add a personal note to that one.

The pattern of this quilt is from Susan Beal's book "Modern Log Cabin Quilting". What can I say, great book, great pattern.

I had a pre-cut, crib sized piece of batting with me, and it just fit, there was not much space left on either side. It would have sucked to be all ready to go and then be stalled because your batting is too small...

I kept the quilting at a minimal, I just stitched around the crosses and then made another cross in the middle. Since I mixed red, pink, white and green as solids in the quilt top, I also used those colors for the quilting.

When I was done, I was somehow missing something, so I added another personal note:

Just the basics, my niece's name, her date of birth and her measurements. In case her parents ever forget...

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  1. What a gorgeous baby quilt :) I love that you embroidered the baby's details on it too - such a special gift!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Such a sweet and beautiful gift! As for the reminder of the size and weight, I thought I'd never forget my boys, but I actually had a little trouble the other day recalling my middle one's size at birth. Great idea!

  3. LOL! After loosing sleep you may have saved them by adding details!!!! What a sweet quilt!!!!

  4. I love the personal touch with the embroidery.

  5. Great quilt. I love the hand quilting too, it really makes the blocks pop. :)

    Scrapendipity Designs

  6. Love the hand stitching on this quilt. What a nice personal touch!

  7. Love all the personal touches. The colors are fantastic. You did such beautiful handwork.

  8. What a great quilt and I love your added touches. :o) Charming!