Tuesday, April 24, 2012


While grocery shopping yesterday morning, I picked up the new Ottobre magazine for kids clothes (3/2012, the summer issue). While bloghopping yesterday evening, I discovered that it's kids clothes week challenge over at elsie marley.


But hey, normally I remember such things when they are over. So I took this as a sign and set to work. About two hours later, I had a shirt for my younger son. This came together faster than you can say "quick and easy"!

This is pattern # 4, I made the biggest size (92, I guess that's maybe a 24 mo. or 2T in American sizes), and it fits him just fine. I had picked up this knit a looong time ago at Joann's, it's acutally tiny stars all over. I have to admit that the print reminds me a bit of pj's, but I did not have anything else at hand. The only thing that I changed: I made the sleeves an inch longer and omitted the cuffs. Instead I just used a twin needle to finish the seam.

I'm happy with the end result, and since it's almost foolproof, I can now buy some really nice knit fabric and make him a couple more.

How about you guys? Do you sew for your kids at all?


  1. great job! I just love easy peasy projects that still look nice.

  2. very cute! personally, knits scare me. I don't often step outside of my 100% quilting-cotton box..
    wish i did though, it would be great to be able to make my 3 yr old some clothes..

  3. Cute shirt! And I think the stars a super cute. Swing by my site and see if I make my way through the pile of things I've got cut out for KCWC! No quilting for me these days!

  4. Wow! Shirt? Out of KNIT?? Without a serger??? :)
    You are amazing! I don't even think I could make a doll blanket out of knit! :) It looks really good! Well done, Mama!