Friday, April 27, 2012


Remember this fabric? I bought it on Tuesday,

posted this picture on Wednesday, and had transformed it into shirts by Thursday. Wow,  the kids clothes week challenge really keeps me going! And on top of that, I even managed to wash all the dirty laundry and clean the bathrooms! (Just a little bragging is allowed, no?)

At first, I wanted to make an all brown and all red shirt, but then I thought why not mix it up a bit? Both patterns are from Ottobre, the big one is pattern #25 from 4/2011 in a size 104 or 4T, the small one is pattern #4 from the current issue  (3/2012, I already made this shirt with it) in size 92 or 2T. They come together so, so quickly, it's instant sewing gratification to make one!

I'm not so happy with the collar yet, I made it a bit too loose, I might have to change that

Both my boys were really happy with them. Child one got his shirt first, and you should have seen the look on the face of child two when there was none for him! I had made the big one on Wednesday evening and the smaller shirt yesterday morning. But when he came home from pre-school and there was a shirt waiting for him, his world was alright again...

And look, I even remembered to sew in my labels on both shirts! Normally, I just remember when the seams are already closed and then I'm too lazy to open them up again.

It was hard to get a good 'action shot', they would not keep still and most of them turned out blurry, but here's one that worked.

Since it's Friday and I have finished something, I'm linking up with TGIFF, crazy mom quilts and amylouwho (even if this finish has nothing to do whatsoever with quilting, but what the heck...)!


  1. wow, they fit really well! so cute. love the thumb . . . good luck on that one :) Is that fabric knit?

  2. Those are adorable! It's so nice to see fun clothes for boys. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! Kerstin!

  3. What wonderful shirts! I love the way you've mixed up the fabrics :)

  4. Tooo CUTE! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF! I am sure they LOVE Those Shirts!!!