Friday, March 23, 2012

Whirlgiggle with a twist

It seems that I'm on a roll this week! I was able to finish a new top and baste two quilts. And out of those two, I finished this one this morning.
I used the whirlgiggle block tutorial from Amandajean of crazy mom quilts, but I added my own little twist. Instead of having the wheels all turn into the same direction, two rows turn the other way.

This quilt has about crib size, and it's a commission from my mother-in-law. She's the principal of an elementary school, and one of her teachers just had her first baby. She asked me to make a quilt that she can give as a gift. I think the baby is a boy, but even if I am mistaken, this could be used as a gender neutral quilt, no?

The fabric is from the DS quilts collection for  Joann's as well as fabric by Tante Ema, which is a German manufacturer. The colors just coordinated so well together. The white is Kona white, and it's bound in Kona cardinal (my favorite red from Kona). I kept the quilting simple, just some (more or less) straight lines in a light green thread.

And on the back? Stripes of course!

I hope everyone will have a nice weekend. I'll be busy celebrating my birthday, but for now, I'm linking up with crazy mom quilts...


  1. Perfect baby quilt. I'm anticipating making a lot of them in the next few years and this design is adorable!

  2. Love that pattern always puts a smile on my mug

  3. i really like how you offset the wonky pinwheels. Congrats on your finish!

  4. That is really cool! It will suit any baby, boy or girl! Good job!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    And you know I love this whirlygiggle pattern...and so will the new mom and her baby - boy or girl. :)