Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Home decoration

Hello on this very snowy Wednesday. We had about 10 inches this morning already and it's still snowing! Quite a new experience for my boys, this is their first winter with snow and they love to be pulled on the sled.

It's been a slow week for me sewing wise. My studio looks like a tornado went through, and I'm a bit too lazy to clean up. Instead, I just pull new stuff off the shelves and make it even messier. Not good at all!  I did not do any quilting related sewing at all this past week...

I did however manage to make two little projects. I finished a new bag for myself (more on that here):

And I almost finished a project that's been in my head ever since we moved in our place last August.  My boys share a bedroom. It's actually the biggest room in our place besides the living room. Seriously, it's huge, like 250 square feet huge. I feel like the whole room is a work in progress, we are decorating it bit by bit. Yesterday, I got my act together and made some bunting. And the boys love it. And I do, too.

It's so easy to do this! I used some double folded bias tape in red and lots of fabric from my stash. I just cut out diamonds, folded them in the middle and sewed them in between the bias tape. I cut the fabric with my pinking shears to give them a nice zigzag edge.

The room immediately looked more put together when I put it up. I still need to do one more to span into the last corner, but I ran out of bias tape. Three packs were not enough...

But now I have to head on over to freshly pieced and see what everyone else has been up to...


  1. love your bunting and your bag, very nice indeed!

  2. Love that bunting, perfect for your little boys room!

  3. The bunting is great, like how it adds to the room.

  4. Love your bunting! I recently finished some too.

  5. The bunting is a great idea for such a large room--really makes it feel fun, like a circus (and with boys--doesn't that feel about right?)

    I read a few more of your posts, and think the wheels of fortune blocks are coming along--sorry you had to rip a lot of them apart, but like Mom always said: practice makes perfect, and I think you are there!

    Elizabeth E.

  6. The bunting looks great! It is good to get a few small projects out of the way even if that means taking a break from quilting. It always helps me feel like I have accomplished something when a quilt top is taking weeks to come together. And it clears some fabric out of the sewing room!
    Thanks for sharing!

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