Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scrap Attack!

I am pretty sure you have all seen the new brilliant thing Rachel from Stitched in Color came up with:  the Scrap Attack! I decided to join in the fun, because this is just the push I needed to finish two long standing UFOs.

Both of those quilts were started almost two years ago, and then put aside and - well, never quite forgotten, but - very much neglected.

The first one is a string quilt. I call it my "All in one" quilt, because it contains fabric from almost all the quilts I ever made. It already has a recipient as well. It's intended for the daughter of my friend Alison. I wanted to give it two her when she moves to a big girl bed from her crip. Yeah, well, that happened over a year ago, so I better get moving...

I also have a few more blocks done, but I still need more.

The other project is supposed to become a baby quilt. I actually made already one like this, and then I had leftovers and now I plan to make another one.

This is far more tedious than the string quilt, but more fun as well. And I have a few friends who will have a third baby in the early summer, and plan to be surprised by the sex. And this will be a nice unisex quilt, no?


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  1. I love the way you have used up your fabrics. I´m very eager to try to make a string quilt of my own, but I hav´nt desided on how to do it yet. Most of the stringquilts I have seen have been pieced on a foundation and I´m not sure what I think about that. But yours seem to have been made without?