Friday, July 1, 2011

Good bye, San Diego!

For the last two weeks, all I did was sort out, give away, pack or throw out stuff. Six suitcases, on big stroller bag and one bike bag later, we are finally all packed up. Now we literally sit on our packed suitcases (that's a German expression for someone who's ready to go). Our furniture is sold, the apartment is empty.
This is our last weekend in San Diego. Wow, I almost can't believe it myself. We have spend great four years here. Both our sons are born here (great place to have kids btw, you never have to worry about snowsuits). When we moved to San Diego, we did not know anyone and now we have to say good bye to dear friends. We were lucky enough to live close to the beach and get to enjoy this beautiful place. But we also experienced some scary things - wildfires, earthquakes,...

I think I'm ready to go home now. San Diego is also a place were people tend to move away after a certain period of time (at least in an academic environment), and we already had to see a lot of friends go in the past year. Plus, I'm excited to be near family again.

But enough with the heavy stuff! While I'm typing this, I'm looking at this:

A family friend was kind enough to let us stay in his beach condo those last few days (came in handy with us being homeless since yesterday and all). So we get to have the very best of San Diego one more time. We got down and dirty here today:

Ah, I'm sure we'll all miss this place!

This will be my last post for a while. We fly out on Monday, and then we'll be busy for a while. Move into the apartment that we rented and never actually saw (only on photos, but they looked nice!), touring at least ten different pre-schools and choose the right one, move into said apartment, blablabla...
Have a good summer, everyone!