Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Travel ready

Even though we are nowhere near travel ready, at least one thing now is: my computer.

When we found out that my husband got this job in Germany, we sold our computer because we knew we would not take any furniture. Four years ago, we came to San Diego with two suitcases and have lived in the IKEA showroom ever since. And other stuff is far more important to take and ship to Germany anyway (the Legos, the wooden railroad tracks, the books and stuffed animals...). Since I can't exist without a computer - it's my newspaper, television, telephone and radio all in one - my husband got me this nice Macbook. When we bought it, he also wanted to get such a protection sleeve for it, but I confidently announced that I would make one myself. But then somehow other stuff was always more important until my husband gave me an ultimatum last week: get started or use a store bought one! So of course it was a question of honor now.

I had this IKEA fabric that is a bit more heavy weight, which I used for the outsides. Inside, I also used some home decor fabric. I did not use any pattern, I kind of made it up on the go. First, I took two pieced, put some leftover quilt batting in between and quilted it with straight lines. Then I ironed on some heavy weight interfacing on the grey fabric. I think that was a mistake because it got quite stiff and that made sewing a bit difficult. Once I had my inner and outer laptop sleeve, then fun part began! I wanted to make it extra fancy with a zipper. What was I thinking?  Let me tell you, it took me three nights to get that thing sewn in. The result is nowhere near perfect, but it's all mine, and I like it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The most obnoxious pillow?

I am trying to wrap up all my sewing stuff and get everything done before my machine will go to its new owner at the end of the week. Some time ago (okay, a loooong time ago), my friend Christina had commissioned me with two pillows. Her older son Jake wanted to have a doggie pillow. So she took him to the fabric store and he picked out his fabric. When she gave it to me, I could not believe my eyes. I mean, who buys that stuff besides a four year old? I think Christina is not so fond of it, either, I believe her exact words were: "He picked out the most obnoxious fabric in the whole store!". But never mind, yesterday I finally got to work and made little Jake a new pillow:

I tried to make it a bit less "doggies hit you in the face" with a big red J. Don't know if I succeeded though...
I made a second one for little brother Gavin.

Sweet dreams, boys!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Crossed off the list

Another project crossed off the to do list before the move! I finished the Modern Crosses baby quilt! Only two weeks late for the baby shower, but the mommy to be is still pregnant.
This was such a fun pattern to make. And it actually comes together really quickly with chain piecing. I used my DS Quilts fabrics, paired with some Kona Cotton. Unfortunately, I don't remember all the colors I used, but there's some Kona peacock, some aqua, ivory and green grass in it.

For the binding, I used some fabric from my stash. Do you know those fabric quarters they sell at Joann's? Well, they are placed on the right height to grab for a toddler in the shopping cart. My three year old is crazy about them. So every time we go there, he wants to pick some out. I guess he had a lucky hand the last time...

For the back, I pieced a strip with all the fabrics from the front together and paired it with more Kona green grass (or is it grass green? I can never remember). Oh, and I also added the initial for the baby's name. My friend was very sure they'll go with Christopher, so I added the C. I hope they don't change their mind in the last minute...

I'm very happy with the end result, I hope mommy and baby will like it, too!

Now I have to go back to packing. I put all my fabric in a box yesterday and just for the fun of it, put it on the scale. Around 40 pounds...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Totally awesome!

Quilting friends are the best.friends.ever! I got mail from my quilting pal Kelley today. And when I opened the envelope, I couldn't help it, I had tears in my eyes. She send me this:

I don't know if anyone noticed that my Modern Crosses baby quilt is missing a cross with the blue and green dots from the DS quilt fabric line. That's because I never got it. I went to two Joann's in my area, but they both did not have it. One never got it, the other one was sold out. At the May sew in of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild however, I met Kelley. This was the first and only time I've ever met her. She was working on a beautiful baby quilt with wonky stars and had used the dot fabric. She told me that the Joann's close to her had some, and so I asked her if she would kindly pick some up for me the next time she is there. What can I say, she got it the very next day. We were supposed to see each other next Sunday at the June sew in, but I am not sure I can make it (packing and stuff!). So Kelley just send the fabric by mail. And look what else she put in there! Mushrooms! Those super, super cute Heather Ross gnomes! Orange, one of my all time favorite color! What can I say to this? Girl, you are awesome, and you just made my day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday #11

Okay, it's still Tuesday on my side of the country, but never mind. I celebrate early this week...
Happy WIP Wednesday everyone. As usual, I'm linking up with Lee from freshly pieced. Hop on over there and check out all the other awesome blogs. And if you just arrive from there, welcome!

Man, I've been busy this past week! I was concentrating on two projects, the merry go round and the Modern Crosses baby quilt. Those need to be done now. First, because I'm behind in my personal "I'll make 12 quilts this year" challenge, and secondly, because I am only allowed to sew until the weekend. And then I have to stop for a while. Okay, allowed sounds a bit harsh. But I will have to concentrate on other things for a while, like packing suitcases, selling our furniture, saying goodbye to all my friends in San Diego...
The big news is that in three weeks, we'll be moving back to Germany. And we will only take suitcases and ship a few boxes, that's it. So starting this weekend, I have to go through my sewing stuff and sort out, pack in a box, give away, ... you get it.

So I'm hard at work to finish those two quilts. Tonight, I managed to piece the back of the Modern Crosses, mark the quilting lines on the top and baste the whole thing together. Not bad for one evening, no?

I also had to work on the merry go round because it became somewhat of an eyesore. No, not the quilt itself. But for the past few weeks, it had been like this:

Folded up on a chair in a corner. I just could not stand it anymore. And I managed to get it halfway quilted:

Here's a shot of the back for a better look at the quilting:

I guess I won't be linking up for a few weeks now. So long then...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top done!

I thought I share a little progress tonight...
... my Modern Crosses baby quilt top is done!

I'm very happy that I used the plaid fabric as a focal point, I think it balances out the floral patterns nicely. And I am absolutely positive now that this baby will be finished by the end of the week (the quilt, not the actual baby).
What a nice way to finish the weekend! Hope everyone had a productive weekend as well...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #10

After not sewing anything for two weeks and therefore missing the link up last week due to sickness, I'm back! And I am very sorry for not replying to any comments at all two weeks ago, but really, all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and close my eyes. Sorry, but I did appreciate each single one!

I did manage to make progress on the Modern Crosses baby quilt. I was quite embarrassed that I had to show up empty handed at this shower (well, not quite empty handed, I did bring a store bought gift). But the mom-to-be-came over this evening to get help with the curtains for the baby's room. I showed her what I have so far and she loved it. I'm pretty happy that she likes it, but I'm sure she'll like a finished quilt even more. The curtains we sewed are plaid in green and yellow, so the quilt will not look totally out of place in the room. Yay!

Other than that, pretty much every other project is on hold right now. That includes two girls dresses (one of the birthdays was in March, maybe I should concentrate on that next), the string quilt, the Freebird quilt, the merry go round and the IKEA/Fandago mash up. Hmm, maybe it's a bad thing that my copy of Block Party arrived today. So many great new projects in this book...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Two weeks

It's been almost two weeks in which I

-  have posted nothing on this blog
-  have touched my sewing machine one single time
- have produced only three blocks for my modern crosses quilt
- have used what feels like a trillion tissues to blow my nose
- have done nothing else in the evening than lay on the couch and watch movies (thank you, Netflix!)
- have shown up at a birthday party and a baby shower last Saturday without a handmade gift

In other words: colds suck! In this family, I am normally the one who stays healthy. My children get colds, my husband does, but not me. Well, but this time it was me and it was not pretty. But I am finally on the mend (hey, I managed to go to a birthday party and a baby shower on the same day!), and I can't wait to get back to my machine.

But there is a new quilt in this house! Hooray! We had the nicest surprise in our mailbox today:

My dear friend Alison send this quilt for Jakob, my older son. When I opened the box, he was enjoying this daily tv time, so he was not really interested in it when I showed it to him. But a bit later, I came into his room and he was sitting right in the middle of it, all his stuffed animals around him. Oh, and it had to go to bed with him tonight. Now that's what I call instant love! Thank you so much, Alison!