Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still here...

Hello, I'm still here! It's been a while, three weeks to be precise. This was not planned...
We are not quite back yet from the land of the sick. Three weeks ago, my 18 month old came home with a fever from preschool, and from there it went progressively worse. He had the flu, and once he was finished, the almost 4 year old got it as well. Meanwhile, the little one went back to preschool after his recovery for three days and guess what he brought home with him? Bronchitis. Needless to say that the big one has this now, too. So I haven't really felt like spending a lot of time in front of the sewing machine. I did get a little done in the last week though.

I made only a little progress on my diamond stars quilt. This one requires preciseness that I don't really possess in the evenings, so it's currently on hold.

I guess the sensible thing to do for me would have been to finish one of my UFOs. However, why do the right thing and finish something up when you can jump right in and do something new? I realized a little while ago that I don't really have a lot of pink in my stash. And since I have a niece on the way, I ordered a little fat quarter stack from a German crafts supplier. It arrived two weeks ago and I cut right in.

I decided to make another Modern Crosses quilt, very much like this one. I need seven more blocks for the top, hopefully I can finish them tonight.  I already cut all the fabric, I just need to piece it together. Thank goodness I had the idea to throw some green in the mix, I think it would have been a bit too pink for my taste otherwise...

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  1. I think that crosses quilt will be lovely for your niece when she arrives! I hope you are all recovered in time for Christmas :)