Saturday, December 31, 2011

My year in quilts

I thought it might be fun to do a little review of all the quilts I finished this year (WARNING, lots of photos ahead!). After all, this was the first year in which I actually set myself a quilting goal. Boy, was I ever pleased with myself to finish that goal in November. Little did I know then that with quilt #12 my quilting karma totally went out of the window and that was it for 2011. I do have a lot of UFOs though that are quite near the finish line.
But let's look back, shall we?


This is a baby boy quilt I made for my dear friend Vicky. Her second son was born in October 2010, and I was actually on time with a quilt. But her first son decided he liked that quilt so much and claimed it as his own, so I had to make baby #2 another one...


Another baby quilt, this time for my friend Alison's little girl. I used an IKEA sheet and lots of scraps for this one!


Well, no quilt got finished in this month, so on to...


I made this quilt for our bed in San Diego. It now lives on the bed in our guest room since we bought a bigger bed after our move to Germany (we upgraded from Full to Queen Size). But I still love it nevertheless!


I made this postage stamps quilt for my husband's grandmother. She told me she really liked it when I send it to her. Sadly, she passed away earlier this month, so I'm happy I was able to give it to her and she used it for a few month.


Guess what I made in June? Another baby quilt! I just love the colors in this one, it was lots of fun to make (so much that I'm working on a pink girl version right now!).

July and August:

I was kind of busy. Moving halfway across the world an all...


Finished this one after it moved with me only half quilted.

Finished this one from start to binding in a week.


Wow, I was on a roll in October! Three finished quilts!


Baby quilt #6 of this year. Was actually a commission and well received!

Another birthday gift, this time for my mother-in-law. She celebrated the big 6-0 in November...


Totally lost my quilting karma, did not finish anything and only made on Christmas present myself.

2012, here I come!

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  1. What beautiful, beautiful quilts!
    I couldn't even pick a favorite - but I might have to copy your June quilt - love those blocks and colors!