Monday, October 24, 2011

New books

Okay, technically they are old books, but new to me!

Last Thursday, I went to the meeting of the local quilting group here in Tuebingen. They call themselves "Quilting Bees" and meet every third Thursday of the month. Well, there was one girl in her twenties, there was me in the thirties and then there were all the others in their sixties and seventies... And they had never heard of the Modern Quilt Guild...
But it was nice to meet with other quilters, see what they are working on and just talk quilting. And there was this woman who used to quilt but gave it up now because of her eyes, she said she just can't see well enough anymore. She had maybe 30 or more books with her that she gave away. For free, just like that! I was able to snag the three above!

The first one, the 120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork Quilts, is full of blocks, blocks, blocks. It's a great resource, that's for sure! My edition is from 1983, but it first came out in 1942!

Isn't that great? I can see myself grabbing that book over and over again for future reference!

The second book, Log Cabin Quilts, is from 1980. It contains everything about log cabins and possibly every layout imaginable...

The most interesting book is The McCall's Book of Quilts from 1975. It's a general book about quilting and contains all the classic blocks and patterns, e.g. lots of star patterns, the double wedding ring pattern, flying geese etc.

I'm tempted to try this one...
And then there is the ugly, like this nightmare in Satin:

And the downright creepy, I think I would feel watched all the time trying to snuggle under that:

Funny, this is listed under Contemporary Quilts...

I think I have lots and lots on inspiration for future quilts now in my hands. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. That's a great resource. I think I could go on quilting forever with those - although I probably wouldn't know where to start!

  2. nightmare in satin, very funny. I have one called 5001 Quilt blocks that is a great resource. Might have to look up the 120.

  3. I am totally in if you try that giant star!