Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happiness comes in brown boxes!!! I know i mentioned more than once on this little blog that there is no decent fabric store in a 25 mile radius around me. Normally, I am pretty good with just drooling over looking at fabric online. But last Saturday I caved and ordered big time.
I was out yesterday morning and when I came back, I saw the mail truck down the street, already well past my house. In Germany, you usually get a notification card when you are not home and then you have to go to the post office in the afternoon or sometimes even the next day to pick it up. I briefly considered sprinting after the mailman. But I didn't want to resemble the neighbors' dog...
I went to my front door and guess what I found? A little brown box, waiting for me.

There might have been some hugging of that fat quarter bundle...

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  1. ohhhh, what a fab little brown box! Isnt that fat quarter bundle great? I used the same one for a star quilt and LOVED all the colors! Melissa sent me your blog, and I have totally been here before, just not left a comment! we must start chatting!