Saturday, October 22, 2011

Counting down the list

It seems I might be able to meet my quilting goal this year after all (you know, the "at least 12 finished quilts this year" goal)...

We have another finish! The zig zag quilt is done! My big son is on vacation with Grandma and Grandma at the moment, so while the little one was at preschool in the morning, I was able to piece the back and baste the quilt. During his afternoon nap I did all the quilting. In the evening, while watching a very strange Danish movie with my husband, I attached the binding.

This one will be shipped off to Chicago in the next few days. My dear friend Melissa had her second baby, a very cute little boy named Nicolas, at the beginning of July. So I'm only a few month late with my gift...

I used mostly fabric from my stash, which seems to be dwindling a lot lately (a good reason to buy more, no?) The traffic prints and the dots are from Joann's, paired with some Kona Cotton (sorry, I only remember that the green is Green Grass, one of my all time favorites from Kona).

For the binding, I used some baby blue fabric with tiny white polka dots. The only fabric I had to buy was for the back. The green does not match the Kona very much, but it's okay. The quilting shop I went to only carried a few shades of Kona Cotton, and they did not have my green! So I took the next best thing... (I already mentioned I moved to a white spot on the map concerning quilt shops, no?)

Happy rolling, playing and drooling on it, Nico!

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