Monday, September 5, 2011

One week only!

It's done! The Fabler-Fandango mash-up baby quilt is complete! In only one week! I'm sure for some quilters out there, that's nothing, but for me, that's sensational.

It's relatively small, 50 by 50 inches, so I guess that made it such a quick finish, too. I really love it, the IKEA fabric matches well with Fandango in my opinion.

I used orange/reddish thread for the quilting, and I did not go overboard with the quilting lines.

 Now only the baby girl has to make her grand entrance into this world. Hopefully, she and her mama will like my little present...

This is the sixth quilt so far this year, so I'm three quilts behind on my challenge...


  1. Wow!!! So cute, I love it!!! And the baby girl will love it toooooo!!!