Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy place

Welcome to my new happy place! It's finally done, my sewing studio is fully furnished. Wait, not fully, as I'm still waiting for the bigger table (the dining table we ordered in June and is now supposed to arrive mid-November). But my fabric is all sorted and stored, I put up a design wall, hung some curtains and I even got a little rack for my thread. But see for yourself:

Honestly, I had no idea how much fabric I really have until I put it all in those nifty IKEA boxes. Oh well, but if there's one thing you can never have enough of, it's fabric, right?

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that these IKEA curtains are from the children's section, but they are just so pretty...
This is were the magic happens...
I only had to buy a few things for this room, the boxes, the carpet and curtains and this little beauty:

A rainbow of thread

And since were at it, here are shots from a different angle:

And now you know where I'm creative. It is funny, this was the room that had the lowest priority when we moved in, and now I feel it's the most organized...


  1. What a great room! I LOVE that thread holder!! Hope all is well waaaaaay over there :)

  2. Your room looks terrific! I love all the organization and IKEA furniture--it gives such a clean line. I, too, have children's curtain in my sewing room. I took off the sliding closet doors and hung the curtains there so I could get in and out more easily. We have to get our decorating items where we can find them! (Besides it was a great match for the walls.)

    Elizabeth E.