Wednesday, August 24, 2011

S.I.P. Wednesday

No, I did not make a typo in my headline. I know that I usually do a work in progress Wednesday post (okay, that hasn't happened in a while), but today I thought I share a few photos of my studio in progress. Hence the title S.I.P.
Until yesterday evening, my studio has been a mix of storage and big mess. This had to change! And after a few hours of sorting and moving stuff around it doesn't look half bad.

 That table is only a temporary solution. We ordered a nice, big dining table a while ago (mid June). Last week we found out I does not arrive until the end of September! So we bought another table for the dining room, and the one we're still waiting for will live in my studio then. But for now, the small one has to suffice.

I still need to hang some art and a shelf above that dresser. I also plan to add a design wall next to the big shelf behind the door. Oh, and the most important thing: I need to fold all this

and put it away into those:

Now you know what I'll be doing tonight!

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  1. Looks great so far! I'll email you next week as well, busy packing for a trip now.